Monday, 13 January 2014

New Arm Candy: Michael Kors Watch

Remember in this post, I told you about a special present I bought myself in the January sales? Well, here it is, my new pride and joy, a Michael Kors watch!

I've never actually ever owned a designer anything, but when my sisters boyfriend bought her a Michael Kors watch for her birthday back in November I was mesmerised by the beauty of them. My sister got a watch with links, but I really hate links so opted for this beautiful white strap instead.

The face is quite large and I was worried I would look a little out of proportion as I have really small wrists, but it still looks very elegant. The face, dials and numbers are all rose gold and look great against the white strap (which I have already managed to get quite dirty!).

It came packaged in a beautiful black box with a red ribbon tied all around it. I was about ready to burst when I opened the jiffy bag it came in and quickly had to take photos of the box before I could see what was inside!

The best thing of all about this was before Christmas I was looking at this and it cost £209 and on Boxing Day it was on sale on the Ernest Jones website for £140. I was really disappointed as it was already sold out when I looked, but a family member works for one of the stores and was able to find one in store for me and use her friends and family discount for an extra 10% off so in total it cost me £126!.

All my Christmas money (and a little bit extra) is now gone but I now have something I love. No more spending for a while now!

What do you think to this style of watch?


  1. This is lovely! What an amazing sales find :) I love Michael Kors watches, I got one of their World Hunger Stop edition watches as a graduation present, it's gorgeous.

    Demi | Kiss & Makeup

  2. It's quite similar to one I have! I love the rose gold and the white strap, so elegant. Such a bargain too!


  3. I love it! I need to get a watch I can ware on a daily basis as I only have one I wear on special occasions.

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