Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Disney Series / 014 / The Final Countdown!

I've definitely let this little series lapse a bit lately and for that I can only apologise. We are now down to the final few days before the trip and I am starting to get just a little bit excited! I've packed and repacked my suitcase several times, I've been watching YouTube videos on repeat and have been watching the weather forecast religiously (Tropical Storm Grace needs to disappear asap!).

I have a final few days of work to get through and have my birthday celebrations to look forward to on Saturday (not actually my birthday but I won't be in the UK for it!). I've already opened one of my presents which was the most amazing gift - a Nintendo 3DS from my friends Michelle & Dru so that I can play on the plane. I bought Olaf's Quest (obviously) and so far haven't been able to put it down!

We have become inspired by the many YouTubers we watch together and have decided that for this trip we might try our hand at vlogging. At the very least making videos for ourselves and once we have enough footage, we might but together a few videos for YouTube. We will also be periscoping throughout the trip (wifi permitting - we have heard it's very fleeting and not very strong!). My periscope is @ImpatienceBlog if you would like to follow me beforehand, I will also be tweeting a lot during the trip and using Instagram. We will be creating the hashtag #keyesdisneymoon if you would like to follow along on our adventures!

Over the last few months I have been speaking to other bloggers/vloggers who will be over in Florida the same time as us - I just wanted to give a huge shoutout to Amy at Cocktails in Teacups who hopefully I might bump into while we are there! *waves*

I'm not sure whether this will be my last post before we leave so for now I shall leave it here. Be sure to check back here when I return for photos and videos or come and say hello on Periscope or Instagram!