Monday, 6 January 2014

Mini Boxing Day Sales Haul...

It's a little tradition of mine that every year on Boxing Day I head out to the sales as early as possible and try and grab some bargains and this year was no exception. I woke up at 6.30am, grabbed some clothes, slipped downstairs and hot footed it to my nearest shopping centre where I joined the massive queue of people waiting for Boots to open (I even bumped into Becca!) at 8am. I had been tipped off that it was opening at 8 instead of 9 and my tip off wasn't wrong.

As the doors opened, everyone rushed inside and made their way to the gifts section while I made my way to the perfume. I had two specific scents in mind I was after but unfortunately one hadn't been made into a gift set this year so I'm going to wait until I have enough Boots points for that, the other one I found two box sets left, and that was Dot my Marc Jacobs. I quickly grabbed them both and checked them over (something my mother has taught me!) and found that one was broken! I quickly checked the other one and it was perfect so I ran to the till to make it mine. It was reduced from £51 to £32 and I had a points coupon too which gave me back £3 in points! As you can image I was pretty chuffed!

Later, I headed to Wilkinsons for general bits and bobs and came across this diary in the sale section for £2.50, I thought it was the perfect size for my handbag and best of all it has lots of keys on the front (Keyes is my surname) so it was perfect!

I headed to my computer when I got back to check out some online bargains and came across the Nails Inc Christmas Crackers on Amazon for £14.75. I'm pretty sure they were about £30 originally so I popped them in my basket and they are currently on their way to me. Considering each polish is worth £11 each and there are six in the box it's a pretty good deal. I can't wait for them to arrive and pull them all open!

Finally, there is a special something on the way to me that I found in an online sale, all I'm going to say for now its that it's something you wear....keep your eyes peeled for a post when it arrives!

Did you pick up anything nice in the sales?