Monday, 12 August 2013

MUA Matte Perfect Primer vs The POREfessional

Well the time has come when my POREfessional has run out and i'm too poor to replace it, so I went on a hunt to find a cheaper alternative primer. I've heard many people say that MUA's Matte Perfect Primer is a great dupe for the POREfessional so I've given it a go and decided to do a comparison.

 MUA has to be a winner on this front at £4 compared to Benefit's £24.50. This is what led me to this decision in the first place, as it's quite a steep difference.

 The Matte Perfect Primer is slightly smaller at 15ml compared to the POREfessional at 22ml. A plus side to MUA is that as it's slightly smaller it leaves more room in my make-up bag for other things! Longevity wise though, the Benefit is obviously going to last longer because there is more of it.

Both brands feel silky to touch when you rub them between your fingers. MUA is slightly thicker than the Benefit which means you have to even it out a lot more.

The POREfessional has a smell that reminds me of holidays, slightly like suncream and the MUA reminds me of play-doh! (I must have a weird sense of smell!) It is a subtle fragrance but ideally I don't really want to smell of play-doh all day!

Lasting Power
My make up lasted all day and my pores did look minimised with both brands, the only thing I noticed with the MUA, being a glasses wearer was that I had a slight build up of make up on the bridge of my nose (where the clips rub on my face) by about lunchtime. It's nothing a little blotting tissue wouldn't solve, but not particularly attractive!

 Overall, I was quite disappointed with the Matte Perfect Primer, don't get me wrong it does have some plus sides, definitely the price for one, and I like the size, but I just didn't feel like the quality was there. I can see why the Matte Perfect is considered a POREfessional dupe on the surface but when it comes down to quality you just can't beat the Benefit. It's like buying Ben and Jerry's and then having to go back to store brand ice cream (alright, but not as nice!)

 I guess it's true what they say, that you get what you pay for. I think I will be saving my pennies next time and splurging on the real deal! Sorry MUA.


  1. I love the Ben & Jerry's reference! Sometimes when you've tried the best you just can't go back to a cheaper alternative! If only Benefit was on 3 for 2 at Tesco! haha xx

  2. As a glasses wearer myself, I must admit it is sooo annoying when products build up at the bridge of your nose!
    LFA (lovefromangelic) Xx

    1. I hate it so much! I have to check in the mirror everytime I pop to the loo just to check! xx

  3. I've been humming and harring about buying the POREfessional for a while and when I seen this review I was desperate to find out if MUA compares, since it doesn't I suppose it's just time to pay up for Benefit! Thanks for a fab review!

    Chels <3 HumbleHonesty

    1. So happy you've found it helpful! This is why I love blogging! xx

  4. I had a sample of the Porefessional and I really liked it, shame to hear the MUA isn't quite up to scratch! Have to say though, I LOVE the smell of play-doh, weirdo that I am :)

  5. Oooh I wish I could afford the porefessional but I have been on the hunt for a good matte primer so I'll give the mua a try, I don't mind play-doh ;) haha x

  6. I'm on a quest for a decent primer, I have a mini sample of porefessional but it's running out, found this review really informative and I think I'm going to give the mua brand a miss! Thanks :) xx