Friday, 17 January 2014

Beauty Blogging: Things to consider before you buy that new "must have" product...

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Over the last year and a half I have been blogging, I must say that sometimes I have fallen into the blogging pitfall of buying a product just because its the "next big thing". The problem is, there are are so many brands out there that there is always a new "must have" product coming out. If you're like me and trying to save a few pennies this year then here are a few tips to help you decide whether you need to buy another lipstick or skincare item this month!

Am I buying it because everyone else is?
Sometimes there is so my hype about particular product on numerous blogs that you can start to feel pressure to want to try that item too, just because you want to be able to add your thoughts to the blogosphere. I personally have fallen victim to this several times but fortunately this has been with high street items that haven't cost me too many pennies. I've now got a collection of several items sitting in a box on my dressing table that hardly ever get used. My advice is to try not to get swept up in the hype and wait a while before purchasing it. Nowadays, I pop the name of the product on a list in my phone and if I still want it in a few weeks I will purchase it.

Is it suitable for my skin/hair type?
A fairly standard point really, there is definitely no point in buying that bright purple eyeshadow just because everyone else has it if it's not going to suit you or if the product isn't suitable for sensitive skin and you have sensitive skin as you and your purse are only going to suffer for it.

Can I afford it?
Some people I've spoken to (mostly non-bloggers) assume that blogging is cheap because it's free to set up a blog and write. However, they don't realise the cost of purchasing products to blog about or the amount of your free time that you invest in making your blog layout look pretty to attract readers etc. Blogging can be an expensive hobby, if you have the money to spend on products then that's absolutely fine (and to be honest I'm a little bit jealous!) but there is no point in getting yourself into debt just for the sake of blogging.

Can I find it cheaper anywhere else?
A quick internet search will usually reveal the best place to buy a product. I recently picked up the Nails Inc Christmas Crackers in the sale for £14.75 instead of the £29.50 RRP. Obviously the best time to buy is in the Christmas sales but during the year there are special offers and bargains to be had. Don't forget about racking up those store card reward points as you might just get something for free. Also, beware of eBay, sometimes it can be your friend but sometimes not, I have seen a £15 limited edition MAC RiRi lipstick sell for £150 (that is crazy!!) and there are rumours of fake MAC lipsticks all over eBay at the moment (my advice in this situation - bite the bullet and buy in store).

If you decide you do need it, read up on reviews first
When I hear about a new product being released, I do a quick search for blogs to see if anyone has reviewed it first, that way I get a better impression of what the product is going to be like and whether it is worth the hype. I have several blogs which are my go to blogs who usually have reviews up pretty quickly and are completely honest about the products. It is really important to be honest with your product reviews and if you don't like a product, don't be afraid to say so, even if it has been sent to you to review. At the end of the day, products will only improve if they know there is something people don't like.

Have you got any other tips you'd like to share?


  1. Good post hun, I think I am quite sensible when it comes to not buying a product because of blogger hype, though I do swoon over things x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. Great post :) I fell victim to blogger hype when I first started writing my blog but it quickly got too expensive and I had too many products to use! Sometimes I do really want to buy something that's been hyped up but I've got much better at telling myself I don't need it - no Naked 3 or Maybelline Baby Lips for me :)! xx

  3. I always get swept up in blogger hype - which is why I have all the Baby Lips that never get used, lol. I admit I'm a total sucker and always get drawn in! Nightmare. I've currently convinced myself it's fine to buy Naked 3 next month because I can *totally* use it for my wedding in March. (But mostly because it's pretty and I want it!)

  4. Great post! I always get taken in by blogger hype - trying my best this year to do that a lot less, it's costing me so much money ha!

    Sophie xo | That's What Sophie Said

  5. Great tips! You're right it can be so expensive if you try & keep up with all the releases.