Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Top Of The Shops

When Topshop first released their make up range I remember not being overly fussed. I've tried brands from clothing stores before and always remember being unimpressed. I don't really know what prompted me to head over to the stand in the middle of my local Topshop store (strategic marketing perhaps...) but since my first Topshop nail varnish landed in my basket and came home with me I haven't looked back since.

I'll admit I don't have the biggest range of Topshop make up, there is still A LOT I haven't tried (fear not, I intend to!) but I wanted to give you my two cents on the items I have tried.

I've tried two different lip products from Topshop's range. One of them is their Ink Gloss in the shade Cruel which is a deep plum shade, perfect for when the months turn cold. The other is a lipstick which comes in bullet form, another plum (can you sense a theme here?), in the shade Beguiled. The former gloss ink is highly pigmented and has lovely staying power (although expect to reapply several times if you want to eat/drink) throughout the day. The other, Beguiled was my first Topshop lip offering and despite initially  rising to my expectations it quickly disappointed, wearing off extremely quickly (I'm taking not even an hours wear before it gathered at the corners of my lips) and leaving a hole in my pocket.

I've also tried two of Topshop's blush offerings, the first was Morning Dew, a beautiful pigmented cream to powder blush which hasn't failed to disappoint. My only niggle is that there is no brush for application so I have to make do with my finger, but I love the packaging and the cute little mirror inside. The second is a blush stick, which definitely makes application easier in my opinion (no messy fingers). Topshop's blush shades are very wearable and suit my extremely pale skin tone quite well. 

Although initially I thought these were fairly pricey for a clothing brand make up collection, I can now see how the price is justified, as good a quality of any Essie or Model's Own polish I've tried and last for days without chipping. My first shade was Blitz, a beautiful metallic purple/red and now my collection has grown to quite a few more. The neck of the bottles with the black polka-dots make them easy to spot in my collection. The brushes are also a perfect size to achieve all over coverage in three quick strokes.

Have you tried any of Topshop's make up range? What are your thoughts?


  1. I've only tried nail polishes from Topshop, but I've heard amazing things about the blushers and highlighters too, so very curious to try some more products for sure :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Topshop makeup is owned by the same people from mac which is why there really good quality products, personally I'd rather spend the extra money and go to mac but I do love some of topshops bits especially there blushes and highlighters x

    Frankie Boo Blog

  3. Lovely post! I am super jealous as I cannot get Topshop makeup where I live, we only have a few polishes and some brushes ... x
    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

  4. Must get my hands on that blush!!

  5. Bought my first product from there the other day, which is on my blog now!
    Also MAC lipstick giveaway so feel free to enter,
    The Topshop packaging is SO pretty I can't get over it!
    Katherine Rose | Uk Beauty Blog

  6. I've only tried their nail polishes, they're lovely.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  7. I've not really tried much of the topshop make up range but I do like the nail varnishes :]

    Jordan xx

  8. Oooh I love this post! Topshop does have some nice bits, I thought they were a little expensive the first time I tried them out! Danielle xx

  9. I have yet to try Topshop's make-up range as it has never really appealed to me, but after reading this post you may have made me change my mind :)

  10. Love this!! Really need to try out some more of the TopShop make up!