Friday, 24 January 2014

DIY: Photo Box Frame

One of my new years resolutions last year was to print out some of our wedding photos from the year before, well time slipped by and that didn't happen so one rainy afternoon I set about thinking how I could print off and display some of our wedding photos and along came this creation!

Materials I used:
One white box frame (I bought mine for £9 in Ikea - it's the Ribba frame in case you're wondering)
Photo paper (I bought A4 premium glossy paper from Tesco's but you can use any)
Paper trimmer (to cut the photo paper, but you could use scissors)
Stix 2 Sticky Dots (from Hobbycraft but they should be available in any good craft shop)

How I made it:
First of all I selected the photos I wanted to use in my design and uploaded them to my computer. I then used Pic Monkey to create a 4x4 photo collage and saved it to my computer.
Next I opened up Microsoft Word and added the photo. I made sure that I made it the right size by measuring the inside display area of the box frame and making it slightly smaller.
I then changed my printer settings to best and printed the photo onto the photopaper.
I used the paper trimmer to cut the A4 paper to the right size and then used a sticky dot in each corner to stick it to the board
I then sealed up the back of the box frame using the clasps on the back.

I love box frames, especially white ones, I love the simple, elegant design and the depth just adds a special something to your photos. 

I've seen similar items retail for about £30 upwards online so I'm really pleased I have been able to recreate something that I'm really pleased with for a fraction of the price! I'm planning on making one for my Mum for Mother's Day (so Mum I hope you're not reading this!) and one for some friends as part of a Wedding present later in the year. You could even make your own mounts in different coloured card or add embellishments to the corners for added touches. Personally, I love mine as it is.

What do you think? Would you have a go at making one of these?


  1. so cute and sounds so easy to make too love it!

  2. That's really cute, I can't actually say I any wedding photographs on display, a couple from our honeymoon but that's it!

  3. Wow, it really does look quite expensive and I love the photos you picked to go in it! I might try this :)

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