Wednesday, 6 November 2013's Secret Hotel Deal | My experience

 As I mentioned in my last post, hubby and I recently headed up to Wembley for the NFL. With money a bit tight the past month we had to come up with a cheaper way of traveling and staying in London. We decided we would get the coach up this time instead of the train and after looking on National Express we were able to get a return for both of us for the great price of £36. 

As the game finished around 8-9pm we decided it would be best for us to stay in London overnight (it took us over two hours to get out of the stadium the first time we went and we didn't want the hassle of getting back to Waterloo and then another 2 plus hours on a train) so I took to the internet to find us a "cheap" deal. I scoured sites and went to individual hotels but nowhere was within our price range, so I went to to have a look at their Secret Hotel's section.

The way that the Secret Hotels deal works is that the name of the hotel is not revealed until after you make the booking. It's apparently because big name hotels don't want to advertise that they have empty rooms so they advertise them on these sites so they can get them filled. I put in the dates we needed and the number of people staying and a few deals came up.I was interested by the one that came up in Westminster as it is a nice area and we thought we could easily get to and from Wembley by hopping on the Jubilee line. Last minute provide a map with a shaded area so that you can see the area in which your hotel will be in. I checked with hubby and he said to go for it.

So off I went and paid the £89.25 and anxiously waited for the email which revealed our hotel, when it came through my jaw dropped, I couldn't believe how pretty the place looked. The hotel was called Dolphin Serviced Apartments and we had our own bedroom, bathroom, and mini kitchen! There was even a gym, swimming pool and champagne bar! As you can see from the photos it looked great! The bed was really comfy and it was so quiet! We didn't even hear the storm outside! The best thing of all is that we were staying in Keyes house (which if you didn't know, is our surname! Obviously we had to have an obligatory photo in front of the sign!)

I would definitely recommend doing a deal like this is you don't mind where you stay. I know i'll definitely be looking at deals like this again in the future.

Apologies for the quality of the photos, it was dark when we checked in and my camera isn't great in low light.



  1. We have used the Secret Hotel deal on Last and we were seriously impressed too. We ended up with a 3 night stay in a 5 star hotel near the Tower of London for about £200. I would definitely do it again.

  2. I've never used a secret deal before although I've always checked them out! This makes me want to give it a go! xx

  3. I've always wanted to give this a go but my husbands always been a little weary of using it, totally going to show him this post and show that you can get a great deal!

  4. I've used a secret deal before, and I was not impressed. So I am sticking to using travago :]

    Trill xo