Wednesday, 27 November 2013

A big hello to Ginger & Co...

Say hello to Ginger & Co, born and bred in England and dubbed as a Soap & Glory dupe with their vintage style pin up packaging, they've been slowly but surely making their way to the forefront of bath and body care. Ginger & Co is a fun and feminine looking range and they don't test on animals (which is always a good thing!)

I was lucky enough to be sent their entire range to review and have been trialling it for a few weeks. Here are my thought's on each of the products:

Hand It To Me Dreamy Hand Cream
 This is my favourite product of the range so far, working in a lab, my hands get very dry taking gloves on and off all the time, so I've been keeping this in my bag to use on my tea breaks and its been working a charm! It's got a lovely creamy consistency and has subtle hints of roses. My only niggle with it, is that for a hand cream I'd like it to be a little smaller in size so it fits into my handbag better as this tube is 100ml, other than that its a winner!

Soft On You Daily Body Lotion
 This comes in a 500ml bottle which will last for a really long time. I've barely touched the surface! I must admit I'm really lazy when it comes to moisturing, I hate getting it all over my hands but the pump gives you just the right amount of lotion to apply. I really hate it when you get excess on your hands and have to find other places to wipe it off! The scent is lemon balm and rose which is quite refreshing but not overpowering.

Double Up Creamy Bodywash
This 250ml bottle of bodywash is the perfect size for in the shower. I've not used a bodywash with added moisturiser before and it really does leave you with silky soft skin. When I read on the bottle that the scent was ginger root and juniper berry I was a little apprehensive as to whether I was going to like it as I'm a sucker for sweet smells (give me Snow Fairy any day!) and whilst I don't dislike it I wouldn't say I was overly keen on it either. It's great that not everything in the range has the same scent though and I am sure there will be many people that do love it.

Heavenly Hands Moisurising Hand Wash
This has replaced my normal daily hand wash soap and I love how it's brightened up my bathroom with the cute pin up design on the bottle. In my opinion, the bottle is a little large for a hand wash, as its the same size as the body lotion and bubble bath. I feel it looks a little bit clumsy sitting by my sink and a 250ml version would be better.

Bathing Beauty Moisturising Bubble Bath
Getting bubbles in my bath is something I always struggle with. I usually have to borrow my husbands manly arms to swish the water so that I get a half decent amount of bubbles but I was pleasantly surprised by how little of this I had to use as with other brands I usually have to pour out half the bottle! The scent is a sweet mix of marshmallow, blossom honey and lemon balm which smelt lovely and definitely relaxed me.

 Soft On You Comforting Body Butter
 As soon as I opened the lid of this product I knew it would be a favourite of mine, firstly it's pink and secondly it looks like those big pots of marshmallow fluff you can buy! I'm seriously in danger of putting this in my mouth! Like the other products in this range, it has a very subtle scent which I find quite nice. The consistency is just right for a body butter and it's perfect for after shaving moisturising as it doesn't sting my legs.

Overall, I think if you're looking for a more purse friendly alternative to Soap & Glory and love the vintage feel then this brand is for you. All products are available from Semichem and are priced at a very reasonable £2.99 each apart from the hand cream which is £1.99.

Have you heard of Ginger & Co? Have you tried any of their products?




  1. I'd love to try the body butter to see if it's as impressive as the S&G - that'll be the acid test for me :o). Xx

  2. These look fab :)

  3. This looks like a great brand! Definitely one I think I may need to check out :) Thanks for sharing lovely!

    Stacey x

  4. Their packaging is indeed very similar to Soap & Glory's! I could have easily believed that these were some new products of theirs.

  5. i love how quirky the packaging is!! very similar to Soap & Glory's :) xx

  6. OOOh these are all SO CUTE!

    Charlotte - x