Monday, 17 March 2014

Pretty Pastels | Spring Nails

I love it when March rolls around as it's the time for pretty spring nails. It always seems like such a short time from when winter ends and summer begins so I like to get in quick with the pastel shades. 

I picked up a couple of the Models Own scented collection last year but didn't really get that much time to wear them. In all honesty I don't think that the scented aspect adds anything to these polishes, yes you can get a faint whiff of apple and grape but they just smell like polish to me. The pink colour isn't part of the scented collection, it's just called pastel pink, I think this was actually the first Model's Own polish I ever bought!

I've always thought that Model's Own polishes are worth the £5 each. I find that they have a similar quality to Essie, they apply nicely and don't streak (ooh er!) I also like the size and shape of the bottles and they fit nicely into my nail polish storage box. I did encounter one mishap with the bottle though, when I unscrewed the lid, the brush stayed inside the bottle! I did manage to get it to come out in the end though and it's nothing a bit of superglue won't solve!

I'm really loving the green shade right now and although it's probably exactly the same, I really want to buy Essie's Mint Candy Apple polish! I feel a March wishlist coming on!

When do you start wearing pastel shades? What are you favourite spring shades?


  1. These colours are all beautiful and your photos too are stunning. I hardly own any pastel colours, so really need to invest in some for spring.

    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  2. Lovely photos :) Pastel nails are my favourites, but I've never tried a Model's Own one. Quite tempted after you said they're like Essie!

    Ellie xx |

  3. Oh my god, I only had to glance at the photo and I want them all...

  4. I love a pastel blue, but that purple is tempting me! x

    Sophie (

  5. These pastel shades are perfect for spring! I'm definitely excited to bust out the pastel shades again. xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  6. What a pretty trio of Spring Shades. I like the Apple Pie mint green shade best

  7. Pastel shades are my favourite, especially Apple Pie!

    Zoe x