Monday, 3 March 2014

Nails Inc: Kings Road

It's definitely no secret that I have a little soft spot for rose gold shades, I've been in love with my Topshop Suffuse polish for months so when I purchased the Nails Inc Christmas Cracker set in the sales after Christmas (you can read my post on that here) I was really happy that King's Road was included.

King's Road normally retails at £12 on it's own on the Nails Inc website but I paid £14.75 for the complete cracker set which included 6 full size Nails Inc polishes (needless to say I was pretty happy when I found that deal - you can still buy the set but it now retails at £24.54 from Amazon which is still a good deal).

The photo above was taken with just one coat applied (no base or top coat either). The polish is quite thick which means that you probably would only need one coat but two if you want an extra bit of shine. The brush is a good size and enables you to cover your entire nail in a few strokes so you don't get that horrible streaky effect.

As a first time Nails Inc user I was quite impressed but I'm not sure how many I could buy at normal price. I think if there was a shade I wanted in particular I would buy it but there are definitely other polishes available which are just as good for a much cheaper price.

Have you tried King's Road or any other Nails Inc polishes before?


  1. nice shade :=)

  2. I haven't tried any of their polishes before, but this colour is so lovely I might have to!

    Phoebe-Cate x

  3. I love the subtle sheen - very chic :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. Such a beautiful pale rose gold colour!
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