Friday, 7 March 2014

Naked 3 Palette | First Impressions

I finally have it! Since it's release back in December last year I've desperately wanted to get my hands on this. I knew that I was going to receive some Debenhams vouchers from my Mother in Law when I visited her in February and held off until then. When we went to Meadowhall, Bradley knew exactly where I wanted to go first and once I had it in my hand I was a happy bunny for the rest of the day.

I've pretty much been using my Naked 2 palette since I picked it up in my Southampton Haul last year. I've barely reached for anything else, so I didn't have any reservations about picking this up too and I'm sure I will be using it for months to come.

I already did a run down of these shades included in this palette when I first heard about it's release (you can read that post here) so I won't go into detail about those but one thing I will say is definitely expect the same quality of shadow as the Naked 2 palette.

The brush that is supplied is perfect for building up colour. I love that the brush is double ended so you can use one end for all over colour and the other end for details.

My favourite shades so far are Strange, Burnout and Nooner. I've almost perfected a great everyday look by using Strange as a base all over the lid, then adding a layer of burnout over the top and finally using Limit in the crease. I'm now working on an evening look using shades from the darker end of the palette, I just hope I don't look like I have a black eye!

Also included in the palette was a sachet of primer. I didn't get on with the Urban Decay primer potion when it first came out so I sold it in my first blog sale but I'm happy that I am able to give it another go this time without splashing out on the full product.

Do you own any of the Naked Palettes? Which one is your favourite?


  1. I just got Naked 3 as a gift, and I love it! I am loving Nooner, Burnout and Factory :)

    Kate Xx

  2. I already have the Naked 1 and 2 so probably won't be buying this but can't lie - I have been very tempted! It look so pretty <3 xx

  3. I got this a month or so ago and I haven't been able to stop using i! Nooner and Burnout are a couple of my favourites too, and I really love Trick as well although is does have quite a lot of fall out!

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

  4. I really want this!!! I'm so jealous right now haha.

  5. I really want to love this palette, but the fall-out is really annoying me =[
    Elephant stories and more

  6. Amazing pictures and great review :)

  7. oooh these look beautiful! I think the Naked 3 pallette would defintley suit me better than 1 or 2 :)