Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Essie | Mint Candy Apple

Oh Essie, you can do me no wrong...apart from maybe the price *cue hubby saying when we got to the till - how much was that nail varnish?? Me - Don't worry, it was in the three for two! So it's basically free!* Better go on my own next time!

Surprisingly this is only the third full price Essie nail polish I have actually bought (excluding two I've purchased from Fragrance Direct and gifts I've received from family which extends my collection slightly).

I love the pretty little bottle design, the size of the brush and the quality of the polish. I hate it when I've bought cheap polish in the past that's just come out like water - which is why I now don't waste my time buying cheap polish and just stick to the good stuff!

Onto the colour, it's the perfect spring shade, it looks so fresh, pretty and feminine. I'm trying to ditch all the dark, black clothes out of my wardrobe this spring (okay, they'll just stay in my suitcase until winter again) and Mint Candy Apple is the perfect acompaniment to my light cream pieces.

What do you think to Mint Candy Apple?


  1. this is gorgeous! its exactly the shade of blue I want at the moment :)

  2. Such a lovely shade, I love Essie polishes :)

    Ellie xx |

  3. Great post :)