Monday, 10 March 2014

Hello Spring!

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I never realise how much I miss Spring until it's upon me. I always thought that Autumn was my favourite season, mainly because my birthday is in Autumn and I love it when it starts to get dark in the evenings and Christmas is on it's way but lately I've been quite excited for Spring for several reasons...

Wearing pretty ballet pumps...I love my cream Topshop ballet pumps, they go with everything but it's been just that little bit too cold (and rainy!) to wear them, until now!

Not wearing a coat and scarf to work...breaking out of the confines of the winter coat and realising that spring has arrived and summer is on the way!

Pastel nails...spring is the best time to wear pastel nails. I'm really loving pastel green shades at the moment! favourite flowers, that only appear here this time of year. There is always such a short window for them and I always miss them. This year I am determined to buy some!

Floral patterns...clothes, accessories, duvets...they make everything so light, clean and fresh. I've just swapped my duvet cover to this and I love it!

Lighter evenings...I love being able to walk home from work instead of getting the bus but because I have to walk through a park I can't walk home when it's dark, I can't wait until the clocks go forward and I can stroll home.

Ice cream...I know this is more of a summer thing, but I feel that a nice clear Spring day is acceptable to buy and eat an ice cream!

Mini eggs...I don't think I need to explain this one!

What are your favourite things about Spring?



  1. I agree, I love Spring too <3 Also, I love pastel nail polish, and I wear it all year round (sorry not sorry) haha. :3 x
    Day Dreaming

  2. Creme eggs as well as mini eggs - yum! I'm so happy the weather has been lovely this year :) hopefully it stays this way! xx

  3. I love spring, bring on the pastel nails, fresh flowers, baby lambs and chocolate eggs of course :)
    xxx Claire

  4. I was so excited the other day to be outside without my coat and scarf tightly wrapped around me. I went shopping over the weekend and it was all pastels and floral patterns, I loved it!


  5. I absolutely love florals and pastels!! can't way for the weather to chance where I live!

  6. Spring is defiantly my favourite season! Not too hot but not too cold and there's always some really pretty pastel coloured and floral stuff :) love your blog, lovely post. I also follow you and would love for you to follow back :) :) x

  7. Im looking forward to having a glass of wine in the sunshine and having the first bbq lol love a burger!! beauty wise im looking forward to pastel nails and brighter make up xxxx

    Laura | Tease Flutter Pout