Wednesday, 5 March 2014

MAC Lipstick Collection

Okay, so I'm fully aware that three lipsticks doesn't constitute a "collection" but up until recently I wasn't a lipstick kinda girl (I know, shock horror!) In total, I only have seven lipsticks, one from Topshop which I reviewed here, a Guerlain one, which I reviewed here, two Urban Decay Revolution lipsticks (which I never got around to reviewing - oops!) and three from MAC which are the ones pictured above.

The first one I got was Russian Red which I won in Charlotte's blog giveaway. I was a bit skeptical about the colour to begin with as I wasn't sure if a red would suit me, but when I received it, I was pleasantly surprised. Russian Red is a matte finish and very pigmented although I wasn't overly impressed with the lasting power but its nothing a lip liner and coat of Lipcote couldn't sort out!

Secondly, I received Rebel from my not so secret Santa, Clare when I attended her blog meet up in December. I had this shade on pretty much every wishlist but never got around to purchasing it, however the lovely Clare managed to pick up on this and I was overjoyed when I opened my present and saw it! Rebel is a beautiful plum shade (regular readers will know I have a bit of a soft spot for plums) and is a satin finish, probably my favourite finish of the three. You can build up the colour which I like as I can manage to get away with wearing it for work or I can wear it for a night out.

Lastly, I received New York Apple from my husband for Christmas last year (with a little help from me!) New York Apple is a frost finish and is a lovely pink shade, I've probably worn this one the most and made it to my January favourites last month.

So far it would seem I have been quite lucky with my "collection" as I am still yet to buy a single lipstick using my own money! I have also finally gained enough points on my Debenhams card to get £5 off my next one. I have my eye on Diva, so if anyone has a review on it, please leave your post link in the comments below.

How many MAC lipsticks do you own?


  1. I only own one mac lipstick but am impressed by the quality so would invest in more! Love tue colour of rebel but not sure ifI could pull it off!


  2. Lovely collection, I have two lipsticks 'Hot Gossip' and 'Speed Dial' they're actually very similar so I wish I had got something different as my second one. I've been lusting after 'Rebel' for way too long!

    alice xxx | beauty blog | beauty channel

  3. Love the Rebel colour!

  4. I don't own a single product from Mac (shock horror I know!) - I'd like to try Russian Red but get quite dry lips so I fear it may not work for me! x

  5. Rebel is such a dynamic shade. Not sure I could pull it off, but I bet it looks amazing on you!

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  6. I only own three MAC lipsticks as well but I've only been using lipstick for about the past year. I would have more, but I just can't afford them, which is probably quite lucky or I'd have a room full of them by now! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty