Monday, 22 October 2012

Vintage Tea Party Magazine Issue 1

My mum picked me up this magazine from her local Tesco's as she thought i'd like it. It's by the same company that made Cake Decorating which I started collecting a few months ago. I usually like to get the first couple of issues of these types of magazines but then usually give up and buy a proper baking book because they end up costing quite a lot of money for free gifts that you can usually buy cheaper online or in shops. 

This one caught my mum's eye because of the lovely cake stand that comes with the first issue. Plus the first issue was only £1.99. When I opened it up, I realised that only half of the cake stand is there and the other half comes with issue 3 which is out in November although I think the stand still looks quite nice with just one level and I'd happily use it to display my cakes on.

The normal price of the magazine is £5.99 so I will probably get the third issue as in total it would only cost £8 for the stand. Its made out of really pretty china and has a lovely painted patten on.

The magazine is pretty basic which makes it easy to follow but if you already have some basic baking skills then you probably don't need to look at it. There is a recipe for Victoria Sponge and another for Strawberry Cupcakes.

First tier of my cake stand

Pretty floral design

Overall, I like the design of the magazine and the colours and vintage feel but I don't think it will be something that I'll continue to collect - you can't beat a good old recipe book!

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