Saturday, 27 October 2012

Renshaw Snip & Swirl Icing

As I've mentioned in some of my previous baking posts, I've been having a little trouble perfecting my buttercream icing on my cupcakes, well I came up with a solution - cheat! 

I popped into my local Lakeland store and came out with Renshaw's Snip & Swirl. I chose the chocolate flavour as my husband wanted me to make chocolate cupcakes for his work colleagues and I was happy to oblige!

Inside is a plastic piping bag pre filled with the flavour of icing of your choice, they currently do chocolate, vanilla and strawberry varieties. Along the bottom is a cutting guideline so you can either create a swirl or a star design on top of your cupcake. I chose the swirl design and cut across the bag so it created the effect I wanted.

The instructions on the back of the box are really easy to follow. All you have to do it gently massage the piping bag first, then snip the bag for your prefered design and then just swirl on top of your cake!

For a novice baker like me, it was a little tricky at first, but when I managed to hold the bag so I could get the right grip I was well on my way! The texture is thick and fudge topping like and it flows really well (it's also very moreish - I loved squeezing the last bits from the bag straight into my mouth!) I decided to decorate them with a button on the top so I ended up squashing the swirls but I'm still happy with how they turned out!

I love this product and will definitely be trying out the other flavours soon, it saved me so much time and instead of getting frustrated with my buttercream not turning our right, I was able to enjoy icing my cakes.

Have you tried this type of icing before? What was your opinion?

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