Friday, 6 December 2013

#bigblogmasproject Day 6 | Christmas Bucket List

Try as many festive beverages as possible!
I've only tried one Christmas drink so far which was the salted caramel hot chocolate I tried with Becca on our recent trip to london and I really want to try some more!  

Visit the Winchester Christmas market
This looks like such a magical place to visit at Christmas time. I really want to look at all the Christmassy stalls selling handmade crafts.  

Make festive treats for my work colleagues
My work colleagues always love it when anyone brings in homemade goodies and I would really love to make something this year.  

Visit the Coca Cola truck!
It's coming to Bournemouth on the 17th December! I missed it last year so I would really love to see it this year. I'll have to pop down after work! 

Watch Miracle on 34th Street AGAIN!
One of my favourite Christmas movies. I love to watch it while I wrap Christmas presents.

 See the pretty Christmas lights in London
I saw some on my way back from London when I attended the London Secret Santa meet but I want to see more in the dark!  

Do some Christmas crafts
I bought some plain baubles a few years ago and want to jazz them up with a Christmassy theme. I just need to find the time!  

Burn Yankee Candle Christmas Eve (on Christmas Eve)
I've been saving my Christmas Eve votive candle out of my Christmas Memories Yankee Candle box set for this very occasion - it's nearly time!  

Read T'was the night before Christmas
My Mum used to read this to me and my sisters on Christmas Eve every year, now we are all older we each have our own copy to read to our own children one day. Even though I don't have any yet I still like to get it our at Christmas and have a read.

Have you got a Christmas bucket list?



  1. fab bucket list :)

  2. Love this bucket list! I've tried the white hot chocolate seasonal drink in Costa and it was SO tasty! I've been trying to get hold of the salter caramel one but they never have any in my on campus Costa :(

    I hope you manage everything on your list!

    xx :)