Tuesday, 3 December 2013

#bigblogmasproject Day 3 | London Secret Santa Meet Up

On Saturday, Becca and I headed on the coach to London for the #londonseretsantameet organised by Clare and Emma. For some reason we booked a really early coach, which resulted in me getting up at 5.30 bleary eyed trying to get ready to catch a bus to the coach station. I got the coach and met Becca at Ringwood (another stop down the line) and we eventually arrived in London Victoria at 10.30. 

As the meet up wasn't due to start until 1pm it was obviously obligatory that we mooched round the London shops starting at Oxford Street and making our way down to Carnaby Street. It's hard to believe that the last time I was there, it was gorgeous sunshine and had a glittery Union Jack hanging above our heads. This time, Carnaby Street was filled with Christmas robins! We headed to MAC where I think I swatched every shade of cream eyeshadow there was but was still unsatisfied! So onwards to Boots we went, where the trip was a little more successful (but more about that in another post!). We also popped our heads into Choccywoccydodah after seeing the TV show I was intrigued to see the cakes for myself and they are so beautiful!

Also, when I told Becca I had never tried a seasonal beverage from Starbucks or Costa, we immediately made our way to the nearest coffee place so I could try one. We ended up in Starbucks (I think there is pretty much one on every corner in London!) and I tried a salted caramel hot chocolate. It wasn't even on the menu but they made one up for both of us!

We then made our way to Piccadilly Circus as the meet up was being held in Tiger Tiger. Outside Piccadilly tube station there was a GIANT snow globe and we stood to see if it would do anything as it looked like it had foam inside which I was hoping would move around like snow, but nothing happened :( We went on to the bar and were greeted by a smiley Clare! We said hello to some of the other bloggers (there were 19 of us in total) and got some drinks and mingled. We got chatting to Tamsyn and Anastasia who were lovely! As this was the secret Santa meet up we all bought our presents and then there was the big exchange! I was going to refrain from opening mine until Christmas Day but as everyone else were opening theirs, I couldn't resist! I was so astonished when I opened mine as it was something I had wanted for AGES and whoever had me must have been paying attention to my blog as I got MAC's Rebel lipstick which has been on my wishlist forever! Thank-you so much to my secret Santa! I can't wait to try it and blog about it!

We also all got given a very festive goody bag, with lots of lovely bloggers treats inside. The cutest thing in the bag was a little handmade heart sign which says "I love blogging" on it! I can't wait for it to feature in some post backgrounds!

After all this, we didn't realise the time and we had to go get some munchies before heading back to Victoria at just after 4 for our coach so the four of us went off in search of Nandos! The first one we went to was jam packed so after some googling on our phones, we found another one 10 minutes away and headed towards it. We got in straight away and had some lovely food. I tried the double chicken breast burger with chips and a side of perinaise. I love perinaise! I always buy a huge pot when I go to ASDA as that's the only place I can find it outside Nandos.

I had a lovely day and would like to thank Clare and Emma again for all their hard work organising the event (sorry we couldn't stay longer!)

*the photo of Becca and I, I stole from Becca's instagram as the one I took was horrendous! All other photos are my own!



  1. It was good to see you from across the table :o) x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

    1. I know lol. Everyone was so deep in conversation I didn't want to butt in! Its a shame we had to go get our coach too as I would have loved to chat with everyone. Its amazing how quick the time goes at these events! I hope you had fun and liked your secret Santa present! xx

  2. Oh I'm gutted I didn't know about this! Sounds like you had a great time!

    Demi | Kiss & Makeup

  3. London looks so cute at christmas! :)