Saturday, 14 December 2013

#bigblogmasproject Day 14| Beauty Things I Suck At!

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I found this tag on Helen's blog and thought I would give it a go. Upon thinking about things for this tag I've come to the conclusion that to be honest I'm pretty rubbish at beauty despite being a "beauty blogger!"

Let me know if any of you suck at the same things so I know I'm not alone!

I just can't do them, they just sit there and I don't know what to do with them. I don't trust anyone to touch them after what happened in Benefit in Spitalfields (Jaye you remember what I'm taking about) but I think at least a brow wax is in order.

Applying false eyelashes
I attended an event for The Vintage Cosmetic Company earlier in the year and the woman made it look so easy to apply the lashes. She said, all you do it put a little dab of glue on, wait for it to go sticky and then attach it just above your own lashes. Well when I came to do it, would the glue go tacky, no. Did I apply too much glue, probably. Did I just give up, yes.

Liquid Eyeliner
Probably the one I am most annoyed about not being able to do as I would love to be able to do this. I love the look and am envious of everyone who can do it! I usually just end up poking myself in the eye.

Taking my make-up off at night
I have got better at this recently, but I haven't really settled into a proper skincare routine yet. I find it difficult, especially when I am on late shifts at work to take it off before I get into bed, and if I get into bed I pretty much fall asleep straight away. I've tried keeping Bioderma next to my bed in the hope that it will work but I think it's just pure wonder my skin suffers!

Wearing high heels
I know I should, because I'm ridiculously short but I just can't stand up in them! I feel that when I walk I'm just going to topple over and I just think, sod this, I'm going to be comfortable (maybe It's just my age...?)

No chipping my nails
I get so frustrated as pretty much as soon as I've got it on I chip it and if I chip it, the whole lot has to come off and I have to start again!

Keeping up with new releases
To be honest apart from Rimmel Apocalips, I've never bought a product when it has first been released. I love to wait until I've seen a few beauty blogger reviews before I spend on something. I've never pre-ordered a product either which is probably why I've never ended up with anything from any of the MAC collections!

Getting regular haircuts
I'm so rubbish at this, my hairdresser must hate me, she is a mobile hairdresser so I have to contact her when I finally decide I need to get it done, once I left it a whole year and a half and maaan did I have some split ends! Thankfully I'm a lot better now!



  1. I can relate to soooo many of those! My hair hasn't seen a hairdress in YEARS, yes that's right YEARS. My eyebrows are a mess, my nail polish chips as soon as I walk out the door and false lashes I gave up on years ago! :)

  2. Hahah such a good idea - I actually suck at make up I will be honest compared to most girls. It's just something that truly passed me by. Def true on chipping my nails too, kinda pointless why i even try and paint them some days!

  3. I'm bad at so many of these things too! When I read bloggers write about how their nail polish lasts for a week without chipping, I just refuse to believe that is actually true! I will always pick flats over heels too, even though I love how my legs look longer it's just not worth the pain ;') xx