Sunday, 15 December 2013

#bigblogmasproject Day 15 | LUSH Candy Mountain Bubble Bar

On one of my recent trips to London, I picked up one of Lush's Christmas offerings. The Candy Mountain Bubble bar has been a firm favourite with bloggers and I have been wanting to get my hands on one for a while. There isn't a Lush at my local shopping centre (come on Castlepoint, get with the times!) and it's not often I go into my main town so when Becca and I saw Lush at Victoria station we dived in for a quick look!

Bubble bars are my favourite thing to purchase from Lush, I love my bath to be full to the brim with bubbles. I've tried so many other brands which claim to produce big bubbles but the only way to get them is to swish your arms in the water for what feels like eternity, luckily with Lush bubble bars this isn't the case!

Candy Mountain is a sweet smelling, shimmery bubble bar which produces adorable pink tipped bubbles. I love how the glittery bits are just enough to give it some sparkle but not so much that you have to completely clean out the bath afterwards (Star Light, Star Bright, I'm looking at you! My hands were completely covered in glitter just touching it in the shop!)

Candy Mountain is priced at £2.65 each which is a great price as you can get several uses out of it (if you don't just chuck the whole thing in like me!)

Have you tried Candy Mountain or any of the Lush Christmas range?



  1. i love lush reviews! love the look of this bubble bar!

    beyond cute! lovely post!

    zara xx

  2. This is my fave from Lush at Christmas. Super nice on the skin afterwards too xx

  3. This is a fantastic product, ive used two already x
    Beautyqueenuk xx