Saturday, 6 July 2013

Southampton Mini Haul

Last weekend, my sister and her boyfriend invited me to go shopping with them so we got in the car and drove to Southampton (which in my opinion has much better shopping than Bournemouth).

I didn't really have an idea of anything particular I wanted apart from a purple nail polish to go with a top I was wearing for a party that evening (who could believe that out of all my nail polishes, I didn't have a purple one to match!)

My Sister was after some smart clothes for an internship she was starting to the first place we stopped at was the Topshop sale! As I wasn't looking for clothes I didn't really do much browsing until I spotted a cute looking black blazer, which I decided I had to have, I mean blazers go with everything, right?
It was reduced from £40 to £20 and as my sister has just finished Uni she still had a valid student card, giving me an extra £2 off, so I got it for £18 - bargain!

Next stop was Boots for my nail polish and after seeing Jaye's recent blog post on it, I picked up Rimmel's Salon Pro in Disco Fever. I also then popped over to Superdrug to grab another Power Pout from MUA. I'm loving these at the moment. I got the shade Crazy in Love (blog post to come on my love for this!)

We popped into a few other shops including River Island and Miss Selfridge where I couldn't stop myself from impulse buying! I picked up a cute little thumb ring for £2 in River Island, well, I say thumb ring, but actually I picked up the size small and its still too big for my fingers so I can wear it as an actual ring on my middle finger. Trust me, its a pain in the ass having small fingers, I had to wait weeks for my engagement and wedding rings because I'm smaller than the smallest adult size! In Miss Selfridge I picked up a gorgeous statement necklace. My sister was actually wearing that very same one that day and she didn't mind me getting the same (there was a time we would have had a massive argument over it!) It was £14 and I will be wearing it with lots of outfits over the next few weeks!

Lastly a boring purchase but I needed innersoles for some shoes I was wearing to the party that evening (which I didn't end up wearing but aaaaanyway...) I had heard that Primark were doing extra thick ones for £1 and I managed to get a pair, I just need to cut them to my size.

Have you been shopping lately? What are your recent buys?


  1. That blazer definitely was a bargain and I love te necklace :)... Still need to try the power pouts and the Rimmel nail polish apparently they're both really good! Xxx

    1. I love both the Power Pout and Rimmel polish, I definitely need to pick up more shades in each. The Power Pouts are such a bargain at £3 each! xxx

  2. I love shopping in Southampton! And that blazer looks like a pretty great find!

  3. I love the necklace, statement pieces are so nice :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. Absolutely love the necklace!! I'm addicted to statement necklaces at the moment :) xx

  5. great haul, love the necklace.

  6. the blazer looks awesome and i really love the rimmel lycra polishes. they are awesome.

  7. Absolutely love the jacket and the jewellery