Saturday, 13 July 2013

My top tips for blogging...

 Now that I have been blogging almost a year, I feel its time to pass on some of my wisdom (chuckles! lol) so I thought I would share some hints and tips I've learnt along my way so far.

Always be yourself
A bit of an obvious tip really but I have noticed that bloggers can sometimes fall into the trap of posting about the same product as everyone else. Don't just buy something to review because everyone else is, especially if you're not going to use it again or if you can't afford it. Personally I would rather see a review of a high street product because I know I will be able to buy it!

Only blog when you want to
Remember it's your blog so you blog when you feel inspired, don't feel pressured into writing posts, as this will affect your writing and your readers will know. If your readers are reading your blog because you like it, they'll still be there if you take a few weeks off.

Join blogger groups on twitter
On Wednesday and Sunday evening at 8pm (UK time) there is a beauty bloggers chat on twitter - you can join in by using the #bbloggers at the end of your tweet. On Wednesday it is a free for all chat but on Sunday it is a topic. You can vote for your favourite topic on the #bbloggers blog page here.There is also a lifestyle bloggers chat on Twitter every Sunday evening at 7pm which you can join using the #lbloggers. At the end of all the chats, there is an opportunity to share your blog link so people can check out and follow your blog.

Don't worry about your number of followers
When I first started blogging, for a few weeks I only had two followers! The lovely Victoria and Islaay. As they were both big bloggers they taught me not to worry about the number of followers I had as they both started out that way too. I must admit I did get hung up on follower numbers for a few months and considered giving up blogging because I felt like no-one wanted to hear my little ramblings, but after joining the twitter chats I talked to a lot of like minded people and I started to gain followers. I realised that the numbers aren't important as I was blogging because I wanted to.

Be honest in your reviews
If you receive a product from a PR company and you don't like it, don't be afraid to say so. Obviously there is a line between being rude and just giving an opinion but not every product suits everyone and in my opinion companies should welcome having an honest review of a product as it shows them the strengths and weaknesses. I have heard of bloggers posting reviews which the company has asked them to remove because of negative feedback which I think is crazy because a company shouldn't just be looking for positive feedback, it should be honest.

Use clear, large photos
There is nothing better than being able to look at a lovely big, clear photo! When I first started I used to set my photos to medium size but when I looked at my blog I realised that they were quite difficult to see. I've now changed them to large or extra large! Also, don't worry about what type of camera you have, I don't own an SLR or a bridge camera, I just have a little compact and as long as you get the right setting, you can still take pretty amazing photos!

Don't spam people
A lot of people (including me) hate it when someone leaves a comment on one of your blog posts saying that they love your blog but they'll follow you if you follow them. I only follow blogs that I like, what's the point of following someone just to get a follower back as you're not truly appreciating their blog for what it is. I have nothing against people leaving me a comment about my post and then leaving their link with that comment (to be honest, I check out more blogs this way) but to comment just for a follow, no thank-you!

Try not to ramble on too much
I once got told by someone that my blog was lovely but I talked too much! (I'm probably rambling a bit too much in this post too!) I tried to think about how much text I would read on a post before I lost interest and based my post sizes on that. Now I try to keep my posts to a few paragraphs and make sure that I get straight to the point. I also try to include a lot of photos in my posts as I find them much more interesting (they say a picture is worth a thousand words!)

Hopefully you find these tips useful!


  1. Thanks Holly, some great advice. I've just started blogging and have that feeling that nobody is reading it! But I do enjoy it. Prob a silly question but when people say 'followers' do they usually mean people following them on all their platforms, Facebook, Bloglovin twitter etc? Or is it site stats? I'm a bit confused!

    1. Thanks for your comment, as far as i'm aware its people following you across all platforms. Some PR companies who offer samples like you to have a certain number of followers before they send you a product. Hope that helps! Good luck with your blog. Leave me the link below and I'll check it out! x

    2. Thanks Holly! My site is

  2. Very useful blog post Holly, thanks you..I think you should always keep in your mind those tips if you are a new bee or a older blogger :)

    Ila x

  3. I think it's really rude that someone told you that you talked too much! I like big pictures, but I also love when the personality of a blogger comes through. I say ramble all you want, it's your blog!

  4. I actually prefer when bloggers write more, if I just wanted to see pictures i'd go on pintrest. I think if you've got something to say, say it!


  5. I hate follow for follow requests, I want feedback in what I've written as well as discussion too, I also think that many forget to be themselves and try to copy bigger bloggers when ultimately we all want the original:)

    Good perspective!xx

  6. Hi :)
    I just wanted to say a really, really big thank you for writing this post. I had no idea about the blogger groups on twitter. This has really helped me since i only started my blog last month and was struggling with getting involved in the blogging community! thanks again :D
    Sam X

  7. Great advice, I struggle with not rambling on because sometimes there is just so much I want to say!

    Blush & Bunting

    Ps, love the polka dots in the background! xx

  8. These are brilliant tips! I think photos are really important, they're normally what makes me take a closer look at a post:) xx

  9. Brilliant tips, I've found that being social (via twitter and joining in talks has really helped me and its helped my confidence too. I've learnt just to be myself and be honest when I don't like a product : ) Think I need to work on my photos, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually! This a brilliant post for newbies like me, thank you : ) xxx

  10. These are very useful tips, I've just started back out myself!


  11. I'm quite new to blogging, and I've found this post really helpful! xx

  12. Thanks for all your lovely comments! I'm so glad this post has been helpful! I will definitely be checking out some of your blogs!

    Holly xx

  13. lovely post - some really great and important tips! following your blog now, it's so nice :)

    from helen at thelovecatsinc | bloglovin'

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  14. You've made some really good points in this post!:)

  15. Great tips! very handy for someone who is new to blogging like me, Just sent me your link in the l bloggers chat. So glad I finally decided to join in with the chats! Great blog x