Monday, 8 July 2013

Method Cleaning Products

I'm sure you're aware that recently I have moved to a new flat, it's rented accommodation and you just never know who has been in the property before you. So when we moved in, we made sure that the place had a thorough decontamination (I may be exaggerating here - the last tenants actually left it in a good condition!).

Luckily the lovely people at Method, were sympathetic to my cause and offered to send me some of their cleaning products. I must admit, I had heard of this brand before, whilst looking around my local Homebase for Orchid Food (we received an Orchid as an anniversary present - it was our first wedding anniversary a few weeks ago) and they had caught my eye. I was instantly drawn to the pretty packaging and bright colours, something that I think is lacking in today's cleaning market.

I was completely spoilt and was sent a whole box of products to try, then was completely gobsmacked when they contacted me again to ask if I needed anything else and then received another whole box of products! Thank you Method!

Here is what I received:
Method Hand Wash in Pink Grapefruit & Waterfall
Method Bathroom Cleaner in Eucalyptus
Two lots of Method Multi Surface Cleaner in Pink Grapefruit
Method Toilet Cleaner in Spearmint
Method Daily Shower Cleaner in Ylang Ylang
Method Glass Cleaner in Mint

Method are a fashion-led company created by Adam Lowry and Eric Ryan. Their philosophy is that cleaning products shouldn't have to be kept hidden under the sink or contain any 'dirty' ingredients. Their idea first came about in 2000 and has been in continual development since. In 2012 they combined forces with Ecover to create the world's largest green cleaning company.

My favourite product is the hand soap as it has such a gorgeous smell and I love the design of the packaging, its so unique to anything else in the current cleaning market.

I only have one minor issue, and this is really down to personal taste, but I found it a bit strange that the glass cleaner had a mint smell, and when I used it on my bedroom mirror, my bedroom smelt a bit like a dentist!

Apart from that, I love the whole collection and I don't have to hide my cleaning products anymore! 

Method products can be found in many retailers, including Waitrose, Tesco's Sainsbury's and John Lewis, so make sure you look out for the bright colours next time you shop!

Have you tried Method products before?
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  1. I would have loved to receive a whole box of cleaning goodies, as sadly, I seem to be turning into Monica from Friends! xxx