Sunday, 14 September 2014

My Weight Loss Journey | Week 2

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So we are onto week 2 of my weight loss journey, below is a summary of what has been happening and what I've been eating this week. 

Breakfast :: I have substituted sugar in my morning coffee for a spoonful of Canderel instead. At first, I tried the coffee with no sugar but cold turkey didn't work at all. I then tried half sugar but that didn't work either. It was at this point that I decided that it was either going to be no coffee at all or a sugar alternative. Canderel was on offer in Tesco's for £1 so I thought I would give it a try and so far it has worked. For breakfast I have been having two Weetabix with semi skimmed milk (100ml) and that seems to fill me up until lunch.

Lunch :: Lunch when I am working late shifts is actually dinner as I can't cook at work and by the time I come home it's too late to cook. We have been making home made chips with potatoes instead of buying chips from the supermarket and using spices from the cupboard to season them. We had these with home made burgers by using lean mince and onion in my burger press. It was actually quite fun making them. We have been having a lot of fresh vegetables including broccoli, baby corn, sugarsnap peas and even runner beans which were straight from my work colleagues allotment. For dessert, I have been having a Mullerlight Vanilla or Toffee yoghurt.

Dinner :: My evening meal has been substituted for tea which consists of a mugshot (in a variety of different flavours, chicken/tomato/beef) a banana, a handful of grapes and another Muller yoghurt.

Exercise :: I was on late shifts the past week so by the time I leave work at 9pm it's too late to walk home as it's already dark but I have walked to work. Bradley also bought me a Pilates DVD which I have done three times. I've never done Pilates before so I'm still on the beginners section but I am already starting to feel a difference in my core muscles. I ache the next day after doing the DVD but in a good way.

General Mood :: Generally I have been feeling a bit down this week. I had to say goodbye to one of my pets and it was difficult not to turn to food for comfort. I may have slipped off the wagon and had a little bit of ice cream on that day, but generally I haven't felt the need to turn to sweet treats to make me feel better.

I still haven't weighed myself so I am not sure if any actual weight has been lost, but my mental attitude towards food has definitely started to change, which if this is going to be a lifestyle change and not a diet then I think that is the way forward. When looking in the mirror, I am noticing the areas I need to work on more and the determination to achieve the look I want is making me work harder at the moment as opposed to the numbers.

Have you got any helpful hints/tips or recipes you can share to help me on my journey?


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