Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Birthday By Numbers

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As some of you may know, it was my birthday last Saturday. So today I thought I would share a snippet of my day...

12(midnight/Friday) - the time I stayed up until the night before to see in my birthday

7.30(ish) the time I woke up excited because it was my birthday

3 - the number of birthday cakes I got

5 - the number of helium balloons I got from friends & family

10 - the amount of pounds it cost to get into The New Forest Wildlife Park which was where I decided I wanted to spend my birthday

2 - the number of leucistic hedgehogs I met (google them, they are so cute!)

1 - the number of butterflies that landed on my face! 

8(pm) - the time I opened my birthday presents

4 - the number of my presents that were from MAC

9 - the number of chinese take away cartons myself and my family munched through

1 - bottle of free Prosecco I got from Pizza Express because it was my birthday!

3 - the number of glasses I drank from it!

11.30(ish) the time I went to bed, filled with Chinese & cake!



  1. I did Google the leucistic hedgehogs - verdict: adorable! Love this post! Happy belated Birthday :) xxx

    Ioanna |

  2. Happy belated birthday! It's my birthday soon...I can't wait! x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  3. Thank-you! They are so cute! They have blue eyes instead of red which is common for albino xxx

  4. Thank-you! Happy Birthday for when it comes! xx

  5. I find animals with red eyes a bit creepy so yay that these don't :) xx

  6. Happy birthday! And wow- three cakes, that's a great birthday in my books :)
    Jennifer x

  7. Happy Birthday! Mine is soon, hope mine is as good as yours sounds :)