Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Berry on Trend

Now Autumn is descending upon us, it's time to bring back the berry shades. There are currently some great offerings from the high street to help you stay on trend but not break the bank. Here are my current berry favourites...

MUA Power Pout Lip Balm Pen £3 in the shade Crazy in Love
I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with MUA. I've tried several of their products, including their primer, highlighter and nail varnishes and have never really been wowed. It's usually the price that draws me in as they are really cheap. I picked up the Power Pout at Superdrug as a spur of the moment purchase and decided to give it a go. I £3 what did I have to lose? Admittedly it's not that long lasting, especially after eating or drinking but if you carry it along in your bag and are able to do a few touch ups throughout the day then this is a great little product and well worth the £3.

Essie Soul Mate Nail Varnish £7.99
I don't think I have to go into too much detail on this one as regular readers of my blog will know that I adore Essie and it's my favourite brand. Sole Mate has been dubbed as the perfect date night polish. It's perfect for a sophisticated evening look. At £7.99 it's quite expensive for a high street polish but Essie never compromise on quality and you can achieve a perfect gel looking manicure in just two coats.

Topshop Gloss Ink £8 in the shade Cruel
Topshop have a really great make up range, I usually head for their polish section but I now have a few of their lip products too. I did a review on this Gloss Ink on my blog a while back (which you can read here) so I won't go into too much detail but it definitely makes your lip a prime feature when you wear it. It's probably more suited to an evening look but I have found I can apply this in the morning and it stains your lips so they still have a subtle colour throughout the day.

Barry M Nail Varnish £2.99 in the shade Raspberry
Barry M have to be my favourite budget beauty brand for nail polish. For £2.99 their polishes are pretty darn good. I find as long as I apply a base coat before hand I usually get a good few days wear out of them. I tend to have to apply two coats to get an opaque, even finish but I've never really been unsatisfied with how they have applied. Barry M always seem to have a great range of affordable polishes and are always releasing new collections as well as keeping their current classics. They have just released their new Gelly Autumn shades too which I haven't managed to pick up yet but am definitely going to check out.

What shades do you like to wear in Autumn?


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  1. I can't wait to start wearing my darker lip shades again! I really want to grab a mustard yellow nail varnish too
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