Monday, 24 February 2014

Whats In My Travel Make Up Bag?

Last week I went to visit Bradley's family up north in Doncaster. Whilst we traveled up by car so I could really have taken as much make up as I wanted, I narrowed it down to a few key pieces so I was up and ready to make the most of each day we had up there.

I've fallen back in love with my HealGel face this month (you can read my original review here) as my skin has been suffering quite a lot (mainly due to an amount of bad food and laziness in not removing my make up properly). I'm trying to use it sparingly as at £48 a bottle its not the most purse friendly of products but for now its working a treat, providing a great base for my make up too.

Instead of packing several different eye shadows, I settled on taking my Naked 2 palette with me so I could change my look and not carry around lots of different products. Although a little big, this palette fitted perfectly in my new make up bag.

A few regulars worked their way in too, including my Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation and MUA Matte Perfect Primer, which despite my original review compared to Benefit's Porefessional has actually grown on me. The price is especially enticing at only £4 a tube and you don't need to use much to create an even base.

I'm still in love with my Sleek Rose Gold Blush and the packaging makes taking it away with me very easy. It comes in a sturdy black case and I can fit a small brush inside so I don't have to take all my RT brushes with me.

I didn't fancy packing my nail varnish remover and pads so I chose one colour to last the whole time we were away, I chose Essie's Sole Mate which is a beautiful burgundy red, perfect for everyday and looks great with a night time look too.

My Benefit Bad Gal Mascara mini also made the cut, I love that it is small but the brush is still long enough to apply perfectly without jabbing it in your eye or getting it all over your face!

Do you have a separate make up bag you use to take away with you?


  1. I always have to take the Naked 2 with me! It's the best eye-shadow palette I own and so versatile! :D
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