Sunday, 16 February 2014

This Week I...#7

Celebrated hubby's birthday...Monday was my husbands 31st birthday and as we didn't have anything specific planned I asked him where he would like to go for lunch. He loves a roast dinner so we went to our local Toby Carvery and then had birthday cake for dessert!

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Visited Meadowhall in Sheffield...we went to visit some relatives this week as we both had a week off work and whilst we were there I got to visit Meadowhall Shopping Centre. It's huge and has the biggest MAC counter in Debenhams that I have seen (apart from London). I picked up some items whilst I was there so look out for a haul post soon!

"Celebrated" Valentine's Day...we don't really celebrate Valentine's as hubby says he doesn't need one special day to show that he loves me so the most we do are cards. As you can see our tastes are quite similar!

Visited Ikea...whilst we were away we visited Ikea in Leeds. I love Ikea, its one of my favourite shops. I had planned to pick up the Malm dressing table and Expedit shelves whilst I was there but there wasn't enough room in our car for what we had bought with us and those too so I'm going to pick them up from Southampton (hopefully next weekend!)

What have you been up to this week?


  1. Sounds like you've had a fab week! I love Ikea too, haven't been for so long! xx

  2. The roast dinner looks amazing! I haven't been to our local Toby Carvery for a while now. I'm moving to Leeds in September, so there's no doubt that I'll be spending a lot of time and money in IKEA!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  3. Oh I ate out far too often this week (sushi bar, pizza and burgers) oops. Gotta love Ikea, can't wait to buy a house with more room to have an excuse to buy some more stuff from there.