Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Elegant Touch Rapid Dry Spray

I first came across this spray on Lily Pebbles blog a few weeks ago, naturally it was out of stock on the Boot's website, but I was planning on taking a little trip into town that weekend so eventually hunted it down in my local Superdrug. Luckily, I had enough points on my Superdrug card to get £1 off so instead of the normal price of £3.05 I managed to get it for £2.05.

I hate waiting around for my nails to dry, I had a ritual the evening before I needed to have them done which included, filing, popping on a base coat, then the colour I like and then a top coat before I went to bed so that I didn't smudge or chip them. Now I have this, I can throw all of that out of the window. I've given this a go several times and have been very impressed with the results. All I have had to do is basically what it says on the tin (can!), paint my nails, spray them (from approximately 10cm away), wait 60 seconds and voila!

I save myself so much time and can now just do my nails the same morning. Obviously I can't see inside the can, so I'm not sure how long this will last as I am using it every time I paint them, I guess it is dependent on how often you paint your nails but for the price I know this will definitely be a repurchase.

(Also on a side note, this is the only beauty product I purchased in January and I am pretty chuffed with myself!)

Have you tried this before?



  1. I love this product so much. Makes painting your nails so much easier

  2. I think I got this in a Glossybox but haven't tried it yet, but I will now :o) Xx

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  3. This sounds like a wonder product, I am terrible at waiting for my nails to dry. I need to pick this up esp if it speeds up the drying process