Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Meadowhall Sheffield Haul

The week before last, hubby and I went to visit some family who live in Doncaster. While we were there we managed to fit in a spot of shopping in Meadowhall shopping centre. The closest I live to a large shopping centre is West Quay in Southampton and you could probably fit two of those in Meadowhall so obviously I was in my element!

The first place I made a beeline for was Debenhams as I was armed with vouchers I got from my Mother in Law for Christmas and I am now the proud owner of a Naked 3 palette! I have been wanting to purchase it for ages but knowing I was going to receive some vouchers I held off until now! I can't wait to use it! Also in Debenhams I picked up Clinique's three step cleansing package in an attempt to sort out my skincare routine. Inside the box is a month's supply and if I don't get on with it the assistant said I can get a refund in my local Debenhams.

I also popped into Boots and spied some Christmas stock. I was instantly drawn to the Philosophy sets and picked up Granny's Apple Pie shower gel. It smells sooo good and I can't wait to use it once my Snow Fairy runs out. I also needed a new primer and wanted to get another MUA one as that's what I have been using over the last few months but they didn't have any. I have heard good things about L'Oreal's Skin Perfection range and have decided to give this a go. I will let you know my thoughts once I have used it for a while.

The two Yankee Candle purchases weren't actually from Meadowhall but an outlet shopping centre (I'm not exactly sure where!) They had so many candles at amazing prices! The small one in the house is a small jar of Christmas Cookie and your eyes do not deceive you, it did cost £2.87! I regret not picking more of them up now as I get through the small ones quite quickly. The larger jar was a present from my Mother in Law and its a medium Salted Caramel candle. She had one burning in her house when we arrived and I loved the scent so she picked one up for me. That size jar cost £11.99 instead of the usual £16.99 they cost back at home!

Finally, we went to Ikea where I was hoping to pick up my Malm dressing table but after seeing how big the packaging was we couldn't fit it in the car so I'm going to get it from Southampton, hopefully next weekend. I was able to pick up a few little bits though including the pink candle holder you can just see next to the Yankee jars. I'm going to use it as a make up brush holder. I also got two bigger white ones but they are a little too big for what I wanted them for so I am using them as flower pots for my two orchids. Also not pictured, I got two white boxes and two floral boxes to fit into my Expedit when I pick that up too.

What do you think to my haul?


  1. You got some great buys :)


  2. I'm still trying to resist buying the Naked 3 palette, but everytime I see it on a blogpost I drool!


  3. That's quite a haul! Enjoy your new palette - I love mine! xxx

  4. Salted caramel, yumm! Sounds good enough to eat!:)


  5. Sounds like you got some great picks! Can't wait for you to have the MALM dress and maybe do a make-up collection set-up/tour! :D
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