Sunday, 22 September 2013

Tooti's Gelato Bar | Bedford Square Southampton

I should possibly have warned you about the photo heavy post before you got to this point but, I think you'll forgive me considering the content! I've literally just come out of my sugary induced coma after visiting Tooti's Gelato Bar on Friday for my birthday. I knew in advance that I wanted to visit Tooti's so my husband drove me the 30 miles to Southampton so I could get my sugary birthday fix (with a little ice cream bribery)!

Tooti's is an amazing ice cream parlour located in Bedford Square, Southampton who have the most amazing flavours of ice cream which they can turn into sundaes, milkshakes, make into cones or scoop into tubs. They also have waffles and crepes if you fancy a sugary breakfast fix as they are open from 7am until Midnight!

Before we left I had already decided that I wanted the peanut butter fudge sundae but when we got there I was so overwhelmed by all the variety of flavours on offer I had to choose a cone instead so I could try three different ones! I opted for Millionaires Shortcake, Reeses Peanut butter and Ferrero Rocher and oh my god it was amazing!

If that wasn't enough as it was my birthday I was recommended the Birthday Cake Cocktail which was made up with vanilla gelato, real birthday cake, raspberry liqueur and vanilla vodka, topped with whipped cream and sprinkles! It was only after I had paid that I realised that as it was my actual birthday I was supposed to get it free but by then it was too late :(

I think my husband captured the delight on my face perfectly with the last photo!

Have you ever been to Tooti's or an ice cream bar like this before?


  1. I totally forgive you for the photo heavy post, though I'm a little bit jealous I've never been to this amazing place.

    I have no choice but to make my way down to Southampton simply to visit this place now! Looks like you enjoyed your birthday. And happy belated birthday from me! :)

    Now following (not just for the ice cream I promise :P)

  2. Wow this looks totally amazing, I'm slightly gutted I live in Manchester!


  3. Oh my! This place looks incredible. I am sad that they only have them in Southampton. I would love to go.
    Your photos are amazing