Sunday, 15 September 2013

A creative way to advertise your blog...

Whilst browsing the twittersphere last weekend I came across @blogboxesnet ( who have come up with an innovative idea to advertise blogs. Basically, they have created a blog directory website using a gigantic square (with 750 spaces) and each little square can be purchased for £12 for an entire year (which works out at £1 per month!)

How to get your box...
Visit or click on the colourful square button in my blogs sidebar
Email with the number of the box you would like to buy
Tell them which category your blog comes under e.g. Beauty/Lifestyle/Fashion
 Choose a caption which will appear when people hover over your sqaure (I chose Impatience is a Virtue | Lifestyle & Beauty Blog)
Attach a 100x100 pixel blog button as a jpeg image
Let them know the link to your blog
Complete payment via PayPal (using the link on the website)

The beauty of it is that if all the squares get filled, they can just add more! 
I love this idea as it's much more fun than joining a blog hop as you can see the blog buttons too and you can find a variety of blogs all in one place.

You can see my blog square on the blog boxes website here!

Have you heard of before? What do you think to this idea?

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