Monday, 23 September 2013

Hello autumn...

image from we heart it

I may be a little bit late with this post as it seems the weather has already started to change but better late than never - right?

Autumn is my most favourite time of year and I thought I would share with you my reasons why...

Cosy nights in
TV always seems to get better during the autumn season, there are a lot more drama series, which are my favourites. It's great cosying up in front of the TV with a hot chocolate and a blanket rather than going out into town when its all wet and cold!

Hiding under/in the duvet
Even better when you don't have to go to work but it's great dragging the duvet from the bedroom to the lounge and enveloping yourself inside!

Autumn fashion
Chunky knits, scarves, hats, gloves - I love them all! Also wearing dresses with thick colourful tights and covering up as much as possible! Oh and knee high thick socks!

Wearing Boots
I love digging out my old boots from the back of the wardrobe and wearing them again.

Autumn menus in Starbucks
Starbucks always bring out their best flavours in autumn, my favourite is their hazelnut hot chocolate, I'm lucky to have a Starbucks opposite my work so i'll be popping in there as soon as the new flavours are out!

Not just in fashion or make-uo but all around, colourful leaves, purples, oranges, browns.

Crisp mornings
I love walking to work on cold, crisp mornings. I hate the wind and rain but on that rare day that you get a dry crisp morning, its an amazing feeling crunching through the leaves and making horses breath!

Christmas is coming!
The best thing about Autumn is that Christmas is just around the corner. Time with family, buying and wrapping presents, Christmas trees and decorations. I also love shopping when it's dark. My local shopping centre is open until 8pm weekdays and its so lovely to finish work and go shopping when it's dark outside!

What's your favourite time of year? Do you love Autumn?


  1. Don't worry about being late - I'm going to do a post all about why I love Autumn at the beginning of October!
    Plus I'm with you on the dresses and coloured tights - the best outfit to wear through Autumn and Winter! :-) x

  2. All I did yesterday was sit in front of the TV with my friends wrapped in our duvets, we could turn the heating on, but there's something more fulfilling about a perfect duvet day!

    I'm so excited about Christmas too, some of my housemates get angry about decorations though :(


  3. I love this post! I can't wait to wear my boots too, they're so comfy. And if you like Costa, they do a lovely mint hot chocolate :)