Thursday, 2 May 2013

Cake Pop Maker Kit from Prezzybox

I recently received something from the lovely people at Prezzybox which completely made my day/week/month/year!

You may have noticed that I love to bake sweet treats, but cooking can sometimes take up a lot of my time. Even though I love to bake, life just gets in the way, well this little gadget is my saviour. I can make amazing cakes in just 5 minutes! 

The latest craze in cake making is cake pops, cute round pieces of cake on sticks. Perfect for parties or picnics (especially as the weather is hotting up!) and more guilt free than munching on a huge slice of cake!

This Cake Pop Maker Kit contains all you need to create the perfect pops and it comes in adorable stylish storage tin! Inside is the actual cake pop maker which has a non-stick coating so your cakes come out perfectly, 25 wooden sticks, a decorating holder, and a decorating tool which has several different nozzles for various effects.

I had a go at making my own pops last night - here's how I did it!

Firstly I lightly greased the Cake Pop Maker with a little margarine and then made my sponge mix. I cheated and used a ready made mix from the supermarket and just added an egg and some water but you can make up your own sponge mix using a basic sponge mix recipe. Then I poured the mixture into the maker filling up half to leave room for it to expand when cooking (I was a little over ambitious with one and it exploded over the edge!) 

When the cake pops were cooked, which took around 5 minutes I popped them onto a wire rack to cool and then melted some cooking chocolate and poured it over the sponge. I then decorated the tops with little sugar stars and silver balls.

They tasted really good and I was so pleased that I was able to create them in such a small amount of time! 

You can buy the Cake Pop Maker Kit from Prezzybox for £39.95.

Have you tried making cake pops before?


  1. love the look of these! Bet they'd be perfect for parties and things, I'd much prefer these to one big cake x

    Stacey| Beautiful Solutions

    1. Thanks! Will be practising more over the weekend. I'm sure my family won't mind! x

  2. These looks fab I certainly would love a pop maker I have a cupcake maker and love it!

    1. I might have to try the cupcake maker next! Sounds great! x

  3. They look so cute and yummy! But, unfortunately, the kit sounds way too pricey for me! I'll just pinch one of yours! :) x
    Mia xo

    1. Of course! There are plenty to go around! :) x