Wednesday, 8 May 2013

A new age of vintage...

Introducing Hannah Newman

Hannah is a final year Fashion with Photography student at Southampton Solent University.
She also happens to be my little sister!

For the last six months, Hannah has been working on her final major project. Working together with vintage boutique What Alice Found (located in Bournemouth's vintage district). Hannah has designed a magazine to show off their products and showcase her work alongside a successful brand. She has learnt how to use editing software such as Photoshop and Adobe Suite, planned photoshoots, hired equipment, dressed models and hired make up artists to enable her to complete this project.

 Here is what Hannah has to say about her work...

"Having just completed my Fashion With Photography degree at Southampton Solent, this magazine is the final outcome that I have produced. The magazine was produced for vintage boutique What Alice Found The idea behind the magazine was to showcase vintage fashion within a futuristic twist. The contrast has provided a platform for the idea of vintage fashion to continue well into the future. It also highlights the modern day recognition of the need to recycle and pushes the idea of people wearing old as new! This opportunity has given me a blank canvas to display the best of my photography and show off my talent, all of which has been created in terms of design and concept by myself. Please feel free to download the magazine and read into the world of What Alice Found"

 Below is a digital copy of her final completed project, I would be really grateful if you could take a look and spread the word.

Hannah would like to work in the magazine design industry, now that her course is complete. 

If you are interested in Hannah's work please contact her via this email

or follow her via twitter

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  1. Lovely post Holly, your sister is really talented, the magazine looks fab x