Friday, 3 May 2013

Guest Post from the DotComGiftShop

As we have started to see the first few hints of warm weather, what better time to start dreaming of lazy summer days. The DotComGiftShop have found the secret to a perfect picnic and would love to share it with you! 

Vintage glass for a perfect picnic

Summertime is wonderful: trips to the beach, lazy afternoons sunbathing and, of course, picnics. We have everything you need for a perfect picnic, from vintage glass salad bowls to garden decorations, so let’s plan a picnic and keep it going long into the evening! 

Handpicked flowers

We love the great outdoors, but you don’t have to travel far to enjoy a picnic. Just grab a blanket, some sarnies, and head to the back garden! 

Turn your backyard feast into a special occasion with these colourful mini bottles. Hang them on tree branches and fill them with fresh flowers from your garden - beautiful! 

If you want to dine in style, even the most boring garden furniture can be transformed, with a pretty tablecloth and a vintage teardrop vase. 

Fresh food 

The most important part of any picnic has to be the food, and glass containers are great for avoiding that cardinal sin of picnics: squashed sandwiches. 

These Paisley Park glass bowls seal up tightly and are excellent for storing everything from wraps and salads to cookies and cakes. Oh, and they look lovely too! 

You could eat from these bowls, but if there are lots of you it’s best to dish out portions on the vintage doily plates, so everybody gets a fair share. 

Creamy milk

You’ll need something to wash down all that food, and what could be better than a refreshing glass of milk? 

Pop a straw in the traditional school milk bottle and you have a child-sized serving fit for a princess! Or a queen, if you just can’t resist a bottle yourself… 

After a cheaper alternative? The pretty collage paper cups will do the trick, and they’re sturdy enough to hold sweets and breadsticks too. 

Fruity jam 

Spread on bread and scones, or just eaten by the spoonful, you simply cannot have a picnic without jam!  

Forget about ants and wasps - you can keep them out of your precious jam with the rustic strawberry jam pot. It seals tight so the pesky critters can’t get in. 

If you prefer your jam served in a cake (and who doesn’t?), get your fix with a classic Victoria sponge. The Regency cake slice will make your picnic a truly classy affair. 

Glass of red 

Give your relaxing day in the sun a continental twist, with a rich bottle of red or refreshing glass of bubbly. 

These small classic cafe glasses come in a set of six - ideal for a grown-ups’ party after the kids have gone indoors! 

Even after all the food has been eaten, you can put some after dinner mints or cheesy nibbles in a bon bon jar, and keep the party going. 

A little candlelight 

As the evening draws in, don’t retreat inside. Who wouldn’t want to linger outdoors on a summer’s evening, with a little soft candlelight? 

Whether you have a picnic table or a blanket, place some of these cute vintage coloured candle holders around the garden and pop in some t-lights. 

The pavilion birdcage lantern makes a beautiful hanging decoration, whilst the white Moroccan lantern would be a lovely tabletop light. You need never go back inside again! 

For more garden party decorations, be sure to visit DotComGiftShop and get the most out of your summer! 

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