Monday, 29 April 2013

April Favourites - Non Beauty Edition

Is it that time of the month again already?! The only thing that seems likes its taken a long time coming is payday - and there is still another day to go!

Today i'm sharing my non beauty favourites with you, a bit of a random mix but i'll explain why each one has made it this month.

The Following on Sky Atlantic- I can't believe I have been watching this show for the last few months and this week it's the final episode - it's been amazing! I have no idea what i'm going to do with myself on Tuesday evenings at 10pm now!

Gossip Girl - my love for GG is being completely rekindled. I have seasons one and two on DVD boxset but have been keeping my eye on Amazon prices so I can buy the rest. This is my Saturday morning guilty pleasure as hubby is at work until the afternoon and I have the house to myself. I tend to watch two or three episodes every Saturday so hopefully it won't take me long to get through the rest of the series (BTW if you have any of these series and would be willing to sell or donate them to me, please get in touch. I don't think I can wait until the end of the ban to buy them!)

National Express - I've been keeping an eye on the trains for my upcoming trip to London with the lovely Jaye from Bed in the Kitchen and thought i'd be able to get a cheap early deal, well when I checked the other day, it was going to cost me £79 for a return trip from Bournemouth to London!! I swiftly moved onto the National Express Coach website and managed to get a return trip from Bournemouth to London Victoria for just £19!

5 Finger Kit Kats - need I say more?!

I've been completely lusting over this bag from Accessorize for weeks. It's the perfect size as an overnight bag for my trip to Wembley in September but for £39 it has to stay in my wishlist for now (I can always dream though)

Douwe Egberts Coffee - I LOVE my morning coffee but this stuff is more of a splurge product and I only tend to buy it when it's on offer. I tried all my local supermarkets but none had any offers on! So I had to settle for some cheaper Gold Blend coffee - it was NOT nice! Sooo happy that Tesco's finally came up trumps and I got this large jar for £5 instead of the usual £6.59.

What are your non beauty favourites this month? Are any of them the same as mine?


  1. That Accessorize bag is absolutely gorgeous!x

  2. I LOVE Gossip Girl! So sad it's over, definitely tempted to get the box-set, or pay for Netflix so I can watch it! Twining's Tea is, as always, top of my list. I only drink it at work because that's the time I really need PROPERLY good tea!! xx

  3. I have bag envy too! I've fallen in love with Disaster Designs creations and this bag but its a bit too expensive for me right now. Its my birthday soon though so I might start dropping hints! xx