Sunday, 7 April 2013

March Empties

A little bit late, but I've finally got round to doing my first empties post! I was going to do one last month but got really fed up with empty bottles and pots hanging around so I threw them away but this time I persevered and saved them up, especially as with my spending ban I can only repurchase something when the previous thing has been completely emptied.

There are a couple of things which I haven't pictured because I had thrown them away which were my Pantene Heat Protector Spray and Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Ivory.

My first empty is the No& Beautiful Skin Melting Gel Cleaner. I have been using this with my No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Brush (like the Clarisonic) which I bought back in February when it was on offer for £15. Both have been absolute livesavers for my skin so I instantly repurchased this!

Pantene Repair and Protect Shampoo & Conditioner, pretty standard really and both needed using up. I haven't repurchased these as I have a ton of John Frieda shampoo & conditioner to get through before I buy anymore!

Palmolive Naturals Shower Gel - I'm not really a slave to shower gel brands and tend to buy whatever is on offer when I do the food shopping in my local supermarket. I think I picked this up in Tesco's for 99p. I haven't repurchased this as I have a bit more Lush Snow Fairy to use up and then I will get whatever is on offer again.

Benefit Porefessional - I LOVE this product and definitely could not live without it! It's part of my everyday makeup routine. I do have a MUA dupe of this to try but I have already repurchased this (back in my haul post from Southampton in February which you can read here)

...and finally, I dyed my hair last week (just my usual brown colour) using John Frieda Mousse and have used up the fantastic colour lock conditioner that they provide in the box. I wish you could buy this in a huge bottle because I love it that much! Unfortunately I won't be able to get another one of these until I dye my hair again :(

Have you done an empties post recently? Please leave a link below if you have. Do you use any of these products?

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  1. I can't imagine life without the POREfessional! I'm so glad someone else likes it too :D

    Louise x

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