Saturday, 6 April 2013

Movies i've seen this year...

Besides beauty and baking i'm a real lover of cinema and try to watch a film at least once a month. I usually take advantage of the Orange Wednesday offer of 2 for 1 as they offer it at my local Odeon and Empire cinemas. I usually drag my friend Hannah along as she likes the kind of movies I like too. We are definitely not horror people! I love rom coms, action and comedy!

Here is a brief overview of what I've have seen so far this year...

Movie 43
In my opinion, not the best film! There are some a lot of big names, but I don't particularly like slapstick comedy. I was really surprised that all these big names would lend themselves to a film like this. Alright if you like that kind of thing, especially seeing seeing Hugh Jackman with a pair of balls hanging from his neck I just don't like the cringe factor!

Beautiful Creatures
Definitely the best film i've seen so far this year, and I am a complete Disney lover so I really thought that Oz would be my favourite. The storyline is really good and sort of Twilight-esque in a way. It has twists and turns and kept me guessing what was going to happen until the end.

Oz the Great and Powerful
I can't ever be disappointed with Disney! There has been quite a lot of hype with this film especially in the beauty blogging world with the release of the Urban Decay Theodora and Glinda palettes. I find myself wanting them more now! Definitely worth a watch!

Hansel & Gretel - Witch Hunters
Hannah and I thought we were going to have a few nightmares after this film (because we are wimps!) there are a few jumpy bits. I didn't have high expectations for this film as the reviews weren't that great but I didn't feel like I had wasted 2 hours like I have with films in the past. I'd recommend seeing it if there was nothing else you wanted to see.

Have you seen any of these films? What ones are your favourite?


  1. i've seen beautiful creatures and the host, and i loved them both tonnes. I was so impressed with both of the,, they seemed even better than the last twilight and that was hard to beat. I'm a new reader, and you can follow my blog if ya like at and via bloglovin. xo

    1. Thanks for following me! I haven't seen The Host yet, I think that will be the next one, it sounds good! x

  2. I'm not a fan of cringey films AT ALL- I hated Bridesmaids because of it! I am not a cinema goer at all- I just sort of forget, and this means I often miss out on really good films! MUST make more of an effort to go!! x

    1. I haven't seen Bridesmaids because I've heard its really cringey. I just don't think I can bring myself to watch it! x