Monday, 1 April 2013

100 Day Spending Ban Challenge

image from weheartit, edited by me
This morning I saw a post from Ash over at Rambles of a Beauty Addict about doing a 100 day spending ban and i've decided that I would like to join her.

I think I spend waay too much money on unecessary items that end up sitting in a drawer or don't get used at all. So I would like to take part in this challenge to realise what products I acutally do use and what I spend/waste my money on and what I really can/can't do without. Hopefully it will make my money go further and it will also keep my husband happy as he complains that I have too many nail varnishes and I spend too much time shopping!

 Rules: (which I have stolen and modified from Ash! Cheeky!)
I am only allowed to buy something when & only when I have finished every product in that category. Example: I can only buy another shampoo/conditioner when I have finished all the part used ones I already have in my bathroom/bedroom

The things I can spend my money on are rent, bills and my monthly food shop (obviously) travel costs, presents for birthdays & other occasions, food & drink if I am out & have no other option & essentials like stamps etc

I am going to start this on the first of April (today) & it will end on the ninth of July.
I know that it is going to be hard not to buy anything but I really need to stop buying things I don't need whether they are on offer or just because I have the spare money. I used to be able to save & not have the urge to spend it, I want to be able to do that again.

I will be updating you all every week to see how the spending ban is going.

If any of you lovely people would like to do the spending ban with me, comment below or email me at:
Wish me luck! (and be prepared for lots of wishlists!)


  1. Good luck, I don't think I could commit to 100 days - I've usually done spend bans monthly. :)


  2. Good luck! You are so brave, I could never take part in something like this! 100 days? Way too long, I struggle to last a week! :) x

  3. So glad I've got a friend in this, It's going to be hard but we can do it :D

    Ash xx

  4. Whoosh, I don't think I could do a full on spending ban. I'm trying to be more sensible, and really thinking about purchases before I indulge though- and so far it's working! x

  5. You made it onto my bloglove post this week! xx