Sunday, 31 March 2013

Blog Love #8 Fab Under 50!

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you've had a nice day stuffing your face with chocolate!

During the #bbloggers chat last week I sent a tweet asking for anyone who had a blog that had under 50 followers to tweet me their URL. Whilst I have the same blogs I go back to over and over again, some of which have thousands of followers, I always think its nice to check out the new blogs who are working hard to get their blogs noticed. I am completely happy with the amount of followers I have (a big thank-you to everyone!) but I know it took hard work to put the effort into creating a blog that everyone would want to read. So this weeks blog love is dedicated to the blogs that I have read over the last week that have under 50 followers. It would be great if you could go and check them out!

Bed in the Kitchen 

Bed in the Kitchen is a cumulative blog about art, fashion, music, food, beauty, London living and today's society. It's written by several people but the founder is Jaye who is an 18 year old student at London College of Fashion. I love the photography on Jaye's blog and there's always somthing about her posts that leaves me wanting to go back for more!

What Cheryl Did

Cheryl's blog is a great mix of fashion and beauty. I've loved her recent posts on Nicole Scherzinger's paddock style after the F1 season kicked off a few weeks ago and her recent post on her OPI mini's collect has made me want to start one of my own!

It's a Sarah Story 

 Sarah's blog is simple but beautiful, she posts photos of her amazing illustrations and puts together beautiful OOTD's.  Her blog is full of lovely photos with regular updates from Instagram.

I strongly recommend that you check out these three blogs, it's a shame I can't mention more (as my post would be super long!)

I hope you found this post interesting and let me know if you check out the blogs!


  1. I must thank you so much! The fact that someone reads my blog and likes it, so they write about it... Made my day! Have a happy Easters :)

    x Sarah

  2. I loved seeing these thanks for sharing xx

  3. This is such a lovely, thoughtful idea- you're right, it is quite easy to get sucked into the big blogs- but I love reading the littler ones too! :) x