Sunday, 17 March 2013

Blog Love #6

Hey everyone! Hope you've all had a lovely weekend! What have you been up to? I've been working - boo!

As I said last week, my blog love posts were going to be slightly different from now on. I decided that even though it was great focusing on one blog at a time, it would take me about a year to get through everyone so I took some inspiration from Bright Town Girl's blog and am starting a favourite posts post(!) instead! That way I can feature more of you lovely lot!

So here are some lovely posts I have enjoyed reading...

Burkatron's Big Apple fashion snaps

A reall insightful post by lilmisschickas on CV writing (something a little bit different from the normal beauty posts I've been reading)

This post by sophierosehearts on the new Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation - I really want to try this as my next drugstore foundation so that was really helpful!

Islay's post on the recent Benefit Blogger event she went to in Brighton - I'm hoping to attend the one in Bournemouth soon if I can get the time off work (fingers crossed!)

Beckawoo's post on her recent Topshop haul - she was lucky enough to win a £500 gift card in a competition. I can't wait to see what else she spends it on!

This post from Jo at Painted Glitter on her DIY small draws. I have some similar which i'm hoping to give a spruce up using this tutorial!

I'm loving this froggie nail art post by Katie Lew La. I really wish I could have the patience to paint my nails like that! (Also, Katie has just done her first ever video post - well done! I definitely don't have the confidence to do that yet!)

Another nails post from Pretty Polly's blog on the new Barry M Gelly varnishes. I have two of these which I am loving at the moment!

Last but by no means least this post from Ashleigh at Belles and Bows on Ten reasons why being a mummy is the best! I thought this post was really cute on Mother's Day. (I'm not a mummy yet but somehow it still managed to put a smile on my face!)

What posts have you been loving this week?


  1. Will be going to check out these posts :D

    thanks for sharing.

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper

  2. Thank you so much for the mention Holly! I'd really love if you could show us your drawers once you've done them? :)
    I also loved the lilmisschickas CV post, it was so helpful! xx