Friday, 29 March 2013

Happy Birthday MUA!

Whilst browsing my favourite make-up websites this morning I came across something which I had to share with you's Make Up Academy's 3rd Birthday and to celebrate they are having a half price sale (which practically means that they're giving things away as MUA are such an affordable brand anyway!)

I've browsed the sale and they have all sorts on there from shadows to lip glosses to eye liner and more!

The sale will last over the bank holiday weekend but my advice is to be quick as when they had a sale last time most of the better products were gone before I had a chance to get my hands on them (you have been warned!)

I'd definitely recommend that you check out these three items

Mosaic Blusher in English Rose £1.50//The Artiste Collection Palette £3//Shimmer Kiss Blusher £1.50
As well as their half price sale they also have £1 off the Undress Me Too palette and are offering free delivery on orders over £25 (which lets face it, isn't hard to spend nowadays!)

Don't forget to browse their new products section too as it looks like they have bought out a range of lip products like Clinique's Chubby Stick and some great new eye shadow trios.

What products do you own from MUA? Will you be tempted by their Birthday sale?

p.s I would just like to point out that this was not a sponsored post - I just love MUA products!


  1. I've never actually tried MUA, is it as good as everyone says?! I may have to purchase some items, especially with a half price sale! Oh, and I've added your button to my blog!

    1. I love their Undress Me Too palette and the Shimmer blusher. The only thing I would recommend staying away from is their nail polishes as I bought some in the sale (9 of them!) and found them really watery.

      Thanks for adding my button!

      Holly x

  2. I am so buying there undress me palette :)

    1. It's a dupe for the Urban Decay Naked 2 and for £3 you can't go wrong!

      Holly x

      Impatience is a Virtue

  3. omg cool!!
    happy bday to mua xD

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