Sunday, 12 April 2015

Ten Reasons To Love Summery Days In The UK

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We have been blessed with some lovely summery weather in the UK recently and even though it's still a little cold, that doesn't stop us from enjoying it! 

01 | Happy people
Everyone seems to be in a better mood, at work, in the street, even people say good morning to me on my daily walk to work!

02 | Picnics
Your favourite foods in bite sized miniature versions, plus no washing up!

03 | Food Festivals
I'm lucky to live in an area where we have a lot of festivals in the summer, Wimborne Folk Festival, Christchurch Food Festival and The Chilli Festival are a few of my favourites.

04 | Riding on open top buses
The coastal bus in our area is an open top in the summer and it's great to ride it and take in the beautiful views along the way.

05 | Longer days mean you can enjoy more sunshine!
I love finishing work on my "normal" shifts at 5.30pm and it still being light and sunny. It makes you think that you haven't just wasted a whole day at work.

06 | Ice Cream
Need I say more?

07 | Trips to the park
I live close to a park which is lovely to walk around on sunny days, plus it's a free day out!

08 | Pretty sandals
I love it when the shops start stocking pretty sandals. There's something so refreshing about getting them toes out of your winter boots - AND NO MORE SOCKS!

09 | Bright Nail Varnish
My favourite summer shade is Essie's Watermelon, a beautiful bright pink that's perfect for sunny days.

10 | BBQ's on the beach
I don't have a garden in my flat but I'm fortunate enough to live really close to the beach so on sunny days we grab a disposable BBQ and head down for the afternoon for some home made chicken kebabs!

Have you had sunny weather where you live?



  1. I had sunny weather on thursday and friday but now its wet and miserable.

  2. longer days, pastel nails, BBQ's and ice cream <3 xx

    Ioanna |