Sunday, 19 April 2015

Currently I'm... 2015 Orlando Guide
Playing...Cards Against Humanity, that game totally cracks me up!
Watching...right now...Saving Mr Banks...but also loving The Following/GoT
Cooking...this morning I made a Slimming World Baked was actually really nice!
Eating...see above!
Drinking...Pepsi Max one, but the last person I called was Bradley friend Kayleigh about our plans for today
Pinning...listography ideas!
Tweeting...Joe & Ashley from See Ya Reel Soon
Crafting...ideas for Birthday Party invitations
Scrapping...nothing yet but I'm really interested in Project Life so I might start that soon
Doing...this blog post!
Going...on a walk to the beach this afternoon
Loving...planning, birthday ideas, holiday plans, blog posts noisy neighbours and their inability to shut their doors rather than slam them
Discovering...Slimming World recipes and how great they taste!
Enjoying...working our way through a list of 30 Disney movies (one a week) until our trip
Feeling...achey, I slept "funny" last night and now my neck hurts
Hoping (for)...the hayfever season to finish soon!
Celebrating...we celebrated my Dad's birthday last week, next up is my sisters birthday and our third wedding anniversary! so nice to smell all the blooming flowers on my walk to work mum for my mini blackboard easel which i'm using as a countdown, Bradley for picking me up from work when I've been working late shifts and bringing me Percy Pigs work portfolio Registered Science Technician Application

What are you currently doing?


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  1. I love this and how its set out =]