Friday, 3 April 2015

Cinderella Movie Review

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On Monday, Bradley and I went to the cinema to see Cinderella (Monday being the only day off we had together). We pre-booked our tickets in advance as because it was the start of the Easter holidays for some schools in our area we were concerned that we might not have got a good seat (Bradley always likes to sit in premier seating as with him being tall, its more comfortable) but we worried unnecessarily as the cinema was pretty much empty. One thing we did find though, was that we were sitting opposite a mother and her young children, one of them, I would say was probably about three years old. Now, before some of you try to shoot me down, I would just like to say that I understand that this is a Disney film, therefore aimed mostly at younger audiences (rated U) and released in the school holidays but this child, clearly wasn't interested in the film and decided to talk, get out of her seat, walk around the room and at one point roll around on the floor which was quite distracting. I have no problem with children, I love children and I want to have some someday but I don't think I will be taking my kids to the cinema until they can understand the nature of the film they are watching. I don't think children get into live action pictures as much as animation. Sorry. Rant over!

We decided to go to Odeon for two reasons, one it is more convenient for us, and two, Odeon are currently doing a kids snack offer where if you purchase a kids mix you get a small drink, small popcorn and packet of sweets for £3.25 and with this you also get a limited edition Cinderella glass slipper keyring (which is obviously what I purchased it for!) I also had Odeon points which were going to expire at the end of March which I used to pay for it - a happy coincidence!

To be honest, when I first heard that they were making a live action version of Cinderella, I wasn't really that interested. I hadn't ever heard of Lily James and only knew Richard Madden from Game of Thrones. I was more interested in the news that they were making a live action Beauty & the Beast (although that will be a few years off yet) but I got thinking and realised that this may be the last big Disney release before our trip to WDW. Of course, I'm going to have to say something to Cinderella when I meet her at the Royal Table Breakfast!

Frozen Fever, the new Frozen short was played at the beginning before the film and it did not disappoint, I don't want to give away what happens, for those of you who haven't seen it but it's great to see all the characters back together again and I've watched Frozen so many times, it was refreshing to see something new.

The actual film which followed definitely did not disappoint. I lost count of how many times I welled up, during the sad parts and the happy parts. It is a cleverly created re-telling of the original classic story. Bradley even noticed nods to other Disney films, including a spinning wheel in Ella's room obviously a reference to Sleeping Beauty.

Cate Blanchett plays the role of Lady Tremaine perfectly, just the right about of evil teamed with a small amount of pity. The ugly step sisters (Anastasia and Drizella) reminded me of my sisters and I when we were younger, fighting over unnecessary things that are since long forgotten!

I was glad that Helena Bonham Carter only had a small role as the Fairy Godmother as when I heard about the casting I wasn't sure that it was the right choice. Having grown up with the original animated version of Cinderella, Bonham Carter for me just didn't fit the caring, grey haired woman with a kindly voice. That being said it didn't spoil it for me and she even bought some updated modern charm to the role.

The story follows relatively closely to the original but with a modern twist. Sometimes you have to overlook the CGI sequences and take it at face value but its a charming (gettit) story and the 113 minutes felt like they passed by in no time at all. It will definitely be one that I will be adding to my collection when it is released on DVD/Blu Ray and I recommend paying a visit to the cinema to see if if you can.

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  1. I'm finally going to watch this tomorrow! Thanks for the review - I'm glad you enjoyed it, I have high hopes!
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  2. I haven't seen this yet. I probably won't end up seeing it until a few years down the line when the BBC have it on near Christmas.
    I've always loved the live action Cinderella movie with Brandy in it. It was one of my favourite films when I was younger.
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