Monday, 25 August 2014

Clinique Chubby Sticks with Glamour Magazine

As I have been absent from blogging for a few weeks, I never got round to to sharing my thoughts on the Clinique chubby sticks that were free with last months Glamour Magazine. There were several freebies to collect but the ones I was most interested in were the Chubby Sticks. There were two different ones to collect, Watermelon and Super Strawberry. The latter of which was quite difficult to track down, where ever I tried seemed to have the Watermelon one or no free gift at all as people had stolen them (seriously, who does that?!). Eventually my husband managed to find one at his work, he even rang me up to ask me if it was the right one!

The magazine cost £2 so I really didn't think twice about picking up two copies considering the full sizes chubby sticks are £16. I think the sample sizes work out to be about £9 each so I still saved myself £14 by getting both, and I gave the other magazine to my sister to read so she was happy too!

I think that lip crayons have become my favourite lip product, I love how they're not sticky, they are easy to apply and the colour pay off is quite good. The only issue I have with these Clinique crayons are that they are quite drying. I've been using my Nivea moisturising lip balm before hand to stop my lips from drying out too much.

Obviously these being a sample size, they are slightly smaller than the full sized chubby sticks but I love how these are really handy for shoving in your handbag on a night out. I don't even need a mirror to apply them.

My favourite colour out of the two is the Strawberry and I am tempted to purchase the full size product when I have worked my way through this.

Did you manage to pick up any of the Clinique freebies last month? 
If so, which one/s?


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