Sunday, 22 June 2014

Weekly Round Up | 025

Well hello there everyone! I'm back from an albeit short impromptu break as I missed a post on Friday - sorry about that guys! Things have been quite busy this week. I was back on the late shift at work and have been busy in the mornings preparing my application to the Institute of Biomedical Scientists so I can start my second portfolio! Then this weekend I have had family visiting which has consisted of lots of food and a wonderful day trip to the Isle of Wight (which you'll be hearing all about soon!).

On the blogging front, I'm afraid it's all been a little quiet. This week I have been rambling about my favourite YouTubers (and still contemplating the idea of starting a channel myself) and getting excited about planning our trip to Disneyworld (don't get too excited, it's still over two years away yet).

This week, I received a very exciting email from the lovely Andrea over at Andrea's Make-up Artistry to tell me I had won her giveaway. I'm very excited to be adding another MAC lipstick to my collection and have chosen the shade Fanfare. I also won a Barry M polish too. I have chosen one of the Gelly formulas (as they are my favourite) although I have let Andrea pick the shade. I can't wait to receive both of them as I am trying to be really good and not buy any new make up until my birthday (in September).

Today is going to be a somewhat lazier day, compared to yesterday, with the possibility of visiting a Chilli and Cheese festival in our local area and meeting up with friends for dinner. Next week I have some lovely things planned, including dinner with two of my best blogging buddies and a hen party to attend!

Right now, I'm going to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee and catch up on the latest offerings of #vlune! I'd also like to take this opportunity to say that I am really excited to have reached over 900 followers on Bloglovin'. Really hoping to reach the big 1000 before my blog's birthday in August so if you could post, RT and share as much as you can, I'd really appreciate that!

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

Let me know if you're up to anything interesting!


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