Friday, 6 June 2014

MAC Fix+

I picked this up when I did my last London haul in the Carnaby Street store and it was definitely an impulse till purchase as they were standing right next to me looking all tempting. As it was the smaller travel size spray, and only £8, I decided I would give it a go. What did I have to lose?

MAC Fix+ is a vitamin and mineral spray that you spritz onto your face to make your make up look extra flawless. With the warmer summer weather approaching I thought it was best to invest in something that would keep my make up looking fresh (additionally, it's quite refreshing to spray on my face when it's hot!).

The nozzle is designed to make the product come out in a fine mist (thank-god it worked, or I'd have streaks down my face!) and has a locking mechanism at the top to stop it spraying or leaking which is good for if you're travelling.

One of the things I like about it, is that it intensifies colour on your face (in a good way of course!) I mean when I wear blush or highlighter it makes those areas stand out a little more. Although I use mine after I've applied all my make up, apparently you can use it as a primer or even after your foundation before you apply the rest of your make up but I haven't tried this yet.

Although I like the product, I wouldn't say is was an essential item, however, if you're going on holiday somewhere hot over the summer you might want to pop this in your case. For £8, I'm definitely not disappointed.

Have you tried MAC Fix+ before?



  1. I use the Urban Decay setting spray and I love it! I might try this when that one runs out!


  2. Really want to try this out, love your photography!


  3. I really love this, I use it during the day to give my makeup a refresher or after I've applied my foundation if it's looking a bit cakey and it soon sorts it out, although I've got the larger size which definitely isn't as cute as this one! xx

  4. I agree that its nice it your going on a summer holiday - its a refreshing mist but it didn't prolong my makeup